Election 2006 News Reports

All Guns Trained on Social Conservatives in Canada - Editorial Jan 20/06

Voting – What is Right and What is Wrong - Editorial Jan 17/06

Conservative Party Has Evidence that Liberal Campaign Worker Made Sex-Smear Call Jan 20/06

"Star Tory Candidate" Peter Kent Totally For Gay Political Agenda For Years Jan 20/06

Canadian Election Buzz - January 20 Jan 20/06

Confirmed: Sexual Abuse Slander Call Came from Liberal Campaign Office - Hear Audio Jan 20/06

Abortion Advocates’ Press Conference: Be Afraid - Don’t Vote Conservative Jan 20/06

Tory, Liberal and NDP Ottawa-Centre Candidates All Support Lowering Age of Anal Sex to 14 Jan 20/06

Surrey North Riding Report Jan 20/06

Liberal Campaign Caught Falsely Accusing Conservative Candidate of Sexual Abuse Jan 19/06

Assisted Suicide: Harper Says, “it’s important to resist the idea of giving the power to kill” Jan 19/06

Bloc Quebecois Officially Advocates Legal Assisted Suicide Jan 19/06

Courts Stacked With Liberal Judges says Conservative Leader Harper Jan 19/06

Canadian Bloggers Come of Age in Electoral Politics Jan 19/06

Mississauga South Riding Report - Outstanding Pro-life Liberal MP Facing Serious Challenge Jan 19/06

Election 2006 Buzz Jan 18/06

How to Vote Responsibly - An Election Sermon for the Last Sunday Before the Election Jan 18/06

Canadian Election Pro-Life Voting Strategy Jan 18/06

Etobicoke-Lakeshore Riding Report Jan 18/06

Conservative Leader Harper Vows to Shut Down Abortion Debate in Canada's Parliament Jan 17/06

Who Are the Pro-Life, Pro-Marriage Canadian Election Candidates? Jan 17/06

2005 Communications to PM Reveal Traditional Marriage Topped Canadians' Concerns Jan 17/06

Beaches-East York Riding Report - Only One Pro-life, Pro-Traditional Marriage Candidate Jan 17/06

Prime Minister Loses It: Abortion, Abortion It's all about Access to Abortion Jan 16/06

Prime Minister and Opposition Leader Speak on Faith and Public Policy Jan 16/06

Numerous Additions and Changes to Pro-Life Candidate Evaluations Database Jan 16/06

Canadian Government Study Suggests Legalizing Polygamy Jan 13/06

National Pro-Life Organization Publishes Data on Almost 800 Candidates’ Views on Life and Marriage Jan 13/06

Conservative Party Tells Candidates not to Answer Pro-Life Questionnaires Then Denies it Jan 13/06

Pro-Life Group: “Paul Martin has gone from being “Mr. Dither” to “Mr. Dangerous” Jan 13/06

Desperate Liberals Attack Chinese Canadians For Their Traditional Values Jan 13/06

Editorial - Catholic Leadership Takes Unprecedented Role in 2006 Federal Elections Jan 13/06

Vote Marriage Canada Endorses Toronto Region and Thunder Bay Candidates Jan 13/06

Glengarry-Prescott-Russell Election Riding Report Jan 13/06

Peterborough Riding Report Jan 13/06

Ontario Conservative Leader Tells Harper to Refuse Free Vote on Restoring Traditional Marriage Jan 12/06

Vote Marriage Canada endorses New Brunswick's pro-marriage candidates Jan 12/06

Liberal Ad Warns Conservative Win "Will Put a Smile on George W. Bush's Face" Jan 11/06

Liberals Accuse Conservative Candidate of “Hatred” for Opposition to Gay 'Marriage' Jan 11/06

Chatham-Kent-Essex Election Riding Report Jan 11/06

Vote Marriage Canada Endorses Four Regina and District Candidates Jan 11/06

Ottawa Conservative Candidate Hounded Night and Day for Supporting Gay "Marriage" Jan 11/06

Only Harper Says His Gov’t Would Address Swingers Club Ruling Jan 10/06

Home schooling a “Form of Child Abuse” says South Surrey Liberal Candidate Jan 10/06

PM Martin Threatens Notwithstanding Clause, Ignores Promise to Protect Church Rightsy Jan 10/06

Archbishop Criticizes PM Martin for Threat to Remove Notwithstanding Clause Jan 10/06

On January 23rd, Vote for my Little Sister - Commentary on the Leaders Debate Jan 10/06

Canadian Election Buzz - Jan 10 Jan 10/06

Election 2006 Candidate Evaluations Web Page on Life and Marriage Issues Now On Line Jan 9/06

Conservative Candidates Claim Party Headquarters Ordering them Not to Answer Questionnaires Jan 9/06

Ontario Bishops Conference Tells Catholic Voters to Learn Candidates' Stands on Life and Family Jan 9/06

Conservative Leader does Second 'Christmas' Greeting None from Liberal PM Jan 6/06

Knights of Columbus Letter to 239,000 Canadian Members says Vote Pro-life and Pro-family Jan 5/06

REAL Women of Canada Reminds Voters of "Special Ballot" Early Voting Options Jan 5/06

Christian Heritage Party Launches Election Campaign TV Commercials Jan 5/06

Liberal's "Universal" Childcare Leaves Out 75% of Canadian Families Jan 5/06

Canadian Catholics Urged to Give Life and Family Concerns Priority in January 23 Election Jan 4/06

LifeSiteNews Begins Election Riding Reports - Ajax-Pickering First Report Jan 3/06

True Conservatives Running as Independents against Anti-Family, Anti-Life 'Conservative' Candidates Dec 22/05

Canadian Prime Minister Says He Would "Absolutely" Attend Gay 'Wedding' Dec 22/05

Canadian Prime Minister Martin May Well Lose His Seat in Parliament Says CTV Pollster Dec 21/05

Liberal Party Campaigner: "Take your NRA, Gun Loving A** Back to the US Where You Belong" Dec 20/05

Catholic Prime Minister Berates Opposition Leader for Non-Support of Gay "Marriage" Dec 19/05

Answers to Campaign Life Coalition Election Questionnaire Vital For Informed Voting Dec 18/05

Bush Strategists Won by Not Soft-Peddling Social Conservatism Ralph Reed Tells Canadians Dec 16/05

Harper Has Left Himself Little Room to Defend Traditional Marriage - Vows no Notwithstanding Clause Dec 16/05

Liberal MP Says Gay Marriage Issue Will Lose Party Votes in Rural Canada Dec 15/05

The Beer and Popcorn Report 2 - Three Liberals and the US Ambassador Dec 14/05

Calgary Bishop: "Too Many Catholics Have Become Too Complacent and Too Tolerant" Dec 12/05

Adscam Liberals Don't Trust Canadian Parents With Child-Care Dollars Dec 12/05

Canadian Pro-Marriage Group Ramps Up Election Strategy With VoteMarriageCanada Website Dec 9/05

Public School Board Rejects Prime Minister's Campaign Stop While Catholic Board Permits It Dec 9/05

Canadian Election Buzz - Dec. 7 Dec 7/05

Official Liberal Party Position on Gay 'Marriage' - "the very soul of what it means to be Canadian" Dec 6/05

Canadian Election Buzz - Dec. 5 Dec 5/05

26 Current MPs Not Running Again in Canadian Federal Election Dec 5/05

Canadian Bishop Says Abortion and Traditional Marriage Must be Considered When Voting Dec 5/05

Conservative Party Promises Choice in Child Care Allowance and Tough Actions on Drug Crime Dec 5/05

US Political Wiz Ralph Reed Urges Canadian Social Conservatives to "Make History" This Election Dec 2/05

Pro-Abortion, Pro-Gay "Marriage" Prime Minister Does Campaign Stop at Catholic High School Dec 2/05

Canadian Election Buzz - Dec 1 Dec 1/05

Jean Augustine Steps Aside For Star Liberal parachute Candidate Michael Ignatieff Nov 30/05

Canadian Election Buzz - Nov. 29 Nov 29/05

Conservative Leader Launches Campaign with Promise to Revisit Homosexual Marriage Nov 29/05

New Campaign Announced to Elect a Pro-Traditional Marriage Canadian Parliament Nov 22/05