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Nova Scotia Pro-Life Voters Guide
Should Abortion be a litmus test for candidates.
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Why should we vote pro-life?

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1999 Nova Scotia Pro-life Voters Guide

Declared the best 24 Pro-life, Pro-family Candidates
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Stephen McNeil, LIB
Hyland Fraser PC
Neil LeBlanc PC
Cape Breton West
Russell MacKinnon, LIB
Joe Boudreau, PC
Chester St. Marg
John Chataway, PC
Paul Comeau, PC
Cole Hbr E. Passage
Nadine Cooper-Mont, PC
Clare Paul Comeau, PC
Easterrn Shore
Jack Friis, NSP
Dartmouth - Cole Hbr
Ruffus Peacock, NSP
Hants East
Reese Morash PC
Charlie MacDonald, LIB
Rodney MacDonald, PC
Kings West
Jon Carey, PC
Lunenburg West
Gerry Swain. PC
Joe MacPhee, PC
Sackville - Cobequid
Wade Marshall, PC
Bill MacDonald, LIB
Cecil O'Donnel, PC
Gerald Rogers, NSP
Ken McAskill, LIB
Anna Steele, PC
Phil DeMille, LIB

Should Abortion be a litmus test for candidates.

"I think so" says Herm Wills, Campaign Life Coalition NS. "If someone would study the history of voting in the House and Legislature, I think you would find the most trustworthy and honest politicians would be those who are pro-life. They seem to be sensitive to the issues on how they impact families and children in particular. We all want more honest, straight forward politicians" says Wills.

The Parties

The New Democrats are the most adamantly pro-abortion. They support the right to abort a child up until the moment of birth (status quo). For example, one NDP candidate stated, "Our party is solidly pro-choice, and I support my party". It was interesting to note that not one NDP candidate returned the questionnaire, all had to be funneled to the provincial headquarters for response and we are still waiting. The NDP wish to expand abortion access to all communities and sex education and birth control for ALL school children - free birth control for everyone. Please note that on June 8th, 1999 in the House of Commons, the Nova Scotia NDP members voted against the motion supporting the traditional definition of marriage brought forth by Eric Lowther, MP.

The Nova Scotia Party is a new party and is running 16 candidates. It has taken on some aspects of the referendum Reform party - moral issues settled by referendum. The members are committed to abiding to these referendums.

The Liberals of Nova Scotia have accepted same-sex domestic partnerships as a 'de facto' equivalent of marriage. They continue to support the status quo. The Liberal government has been supporting the Morning After Pill which acts as an abortifacient in all cases where it is effective. Surgically or chemically, it still is the death of a child.

The Progressive Conservatives are open to consent and conscience protection as per the survey. They are however like the Liberals and the NDP in favouring taxpayer funding of abortions. In many ridings there will be no pro-life candidates however, the background provided may help in your decision making.


Why should we vote pro-life?

The right to ‘life' is a fundamental human right, on which every other right depends. Without life, no other right can exist. Voting pro-life means that being pro-abortion (or "pro-choice") disqualifies a person for public office. This would include any who have claimed they are personally opposed but are unwilling to do anything about it.

Often pro-life voters are accused of "single issue" voting, that is true in a sense, but what is not seen, is that it is a qualifying issue. Think about it, if you can manage to say it is all right to kill an unborn child, then what else may this candidate be in favour of? It truly is a measure of character and morality. Single issue candidates would be those who vote with gun control, GST, Free trade as well. On the other hand pro-life voters are most concerned about families, and issues that affect families and the social fabric of our country. i.e. euthanasia, reproductive technologies.

What issue can be as important as the abortion issue. How many so called social issues involve the killing of well over 100,000 Canadians, including over 2,000 Nova Scotians annually.

We can rest assured that politicians will not seek a restriction to abortion in the near future, if pro-life voters do not put it on the politicians' agenda. Even if we can put pro-life legislators in place and by some means legislation comes forth, we can then solicit the help of those members of the legislature. We must never give up.

But what can we do when there is more than one pro-life candidate? It happens sometimes, and in such a situation, a voter should then consider other things; which candidate has the stronger pro-life record; which candidate is more likely to be elected; which candidate's overall platform is more attractive; and which party is more worthy of support.

When there is no pro-life candidate in a riding, a voter might choose to "spoil" the ballot. A good way to do this is to write, "No pro-life PC," or "No pro-life Liberal" ( in other words, no pro-life candidate for the party the voter would otherwise support). The practical affect, is first and foremost an act of good conscience.

Whatever the situation, pro-lifers should go to the polls on election day. The lack of a pro-life candidate in a given riding is no reason to stay away. Since 1969, when the law at that time was amended, there have been 2,000,000 babies killed in their mother's womb and paid for with our tax dollars. One died as you read this article.

Now is the time to act and do the very least for the children and vote pro-life.

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