Abortion Methods

This is Abortion

A graphic and disturbing video showing the end product of abortion

The following video is copyright of the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform and reproduced with permission.

Viewer discretion is advised


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The Silent Scream - the classic 1976 video that first showed abortion

The first ever film which showed a child in the act of being aborted via suction. It is the real-time, ultrasound imaging of an actual abortion during the first trimester of a 12 week baby girl (or fetus). The physician who conducted this procedure had already personally performed close to 10,000 abortions, but had never been able to see what occurred inside the womb. After viewing the film in the editing room, he was so appalled that he never again did another abortion. The film’s narrator, Dr. Bernard Nathanson, is a former abortionist who was himself responsible for 60,000 abortions before becoming pro-life. During the first 10 minutes he describes abortion methods. The actual abortion ultrasound imaging begins 10 minutes into the film.

Warning: this film is disturbing. Viewer Discretion is advised