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Ask your MPP to oppose explicit Sex Ed curriculum (Ontario residents only)

Ontario's Premier Kathleen Wynne has imposed a controversial sex ed curriculum on children as young as 6 years old. Parents are concerned by the age-inappropriateness and graphic nature of many lessons. Adding to their concerns is the fact that the curriculum was written under the direction of a convicted child sexual predator, Benjamin Levin, the former Deputy Education Minister, who is currently in prison for a pedophilia-related crime and two child-pornography related crimes. Many parents see Levin's fingerprints all over the curriculum.

The lessons teach very young children about anal sex, oral sex, and sexual pleasure. It encourages children to masturbate as a "pleasurable" vehicle for self-discovery. No later than age 8, children will be taught the anti-scientific, ideological theory that being a boy or a girl is merely a 'social construct', and that you can change depending how a child 'feels' in their mind at any given time.

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Confusing vulnerable children
Dear M.P.P. [Recipient's name will be automatically inserted],

I do not agree with the radical sex ed curriculum that the Liberal government has foisted on grade 1 to 8 children.

Lesson content in grade 3 teaches the disputed theory of "gender identity" as if it were fact. This is the notion that whether you're a boy or a girl is not fundamentally related to your physical anatomy; it is merely a 'social construct'. According to this absurd theory, one's clearly-defined sex can be nullified by a 'fluid' concept of 'gender', so that any little boy can decide that he is actually a girl, if that's the way he feels in his mind, or vice-versa.

[Recipient's first name will be automatically inserted], the potential for causing serious sexual confusion in the minds of children is very real with this ideology. Please don't allow the Liberal government to confuse our children. Issue a press release, write an op-ed, do something to prevent this program from continuing to be imposed on school children.