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Ask your MPP to oppose explicit Sex Ed curriculum (Ontario residents only)

Ontario's Premier Kathleen Wynne has imposed a controversial sex ed curriculum on children as young as 6 years old. Parents are concerned by the age-inappropriateness and graphic nature of many lessons. Adding to their concerns is the fact that the curriculum was written under the direction of a convicted child sexual predator, Benjamin Levin, the former Deputy Education Minister, who is currently in prison for a pedophilia-related crime and two child-pornography related crimes. Many parents see Levin's fingerprints all over the curriculum.

The lessons teach very young children about anal sex, oral sex, and sexual pleasure. It encourages children to masturbate as a "pleasurable" vehicle for self-discovery. No later than age 8, children will be taught the anti-scientific, ideological theory that being a boy or a girl is merely a 'social construct', and that you can change depending how a child 'feels' in their mind at any given time.

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Chicago's public education
Dear MPP [Recipient's name will be automatically inserted],

If you want to know what the newly-imposed Wynne/Levin Liberal sex education program may quickly look like in the classroom after it has a chance to get "evolved" by the new generation of left-wing teachers who have been indoctrinated at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), where confessed child pornographer Ben Levin was a bigwig, you should consider what has already happened in Chicago Public Schools:

Recently, some parents in Chicago were shocked when they found out the kind of explicit sex information their children would get in grade 5 classrooms. The contents of the program included female condoms and how to extend sex and increase pleasure by using lubrication. Parents who became aware of the graphic content were shocked that this age inappropriate curriculum was even developed for 10-year-olds. Read the news article here:

It's one thing to present accurate sexual information and quite another to stir the curiosity of innocent children about sexual gratification. When this incident happened, the Chicago School Board representatives were quick to do damage control saying that the sexual resources were never meant for elementary classrooms. It was all a mistake, they claimed. But the unanswered question is this: why were they there in first place? They were there because that's the content they were going to teach children if parents had not discovered the inappropriate curriculum contents.

We must assume that administrators were not telling the truth because one school had posted the controversial material on their website. It was at Walters Elementary School that the controversial lessons and handouts that were intended to be used for class lessons were discovered and made public.

The especially appalling material for parents was in the page titled, "Feel Good Reasons to Use FCs [Female Condoms]," that showed how sexual intercourse can last longer and stated, "Once you pop, you don't have to stop!" On another page there was a drawing of a woman lifting up her dress next to a smoking grill with a caption that read, "Feel the heat! FCs adjust to your body temperature, so you and your partner can both feel the heat." On another page there were these words, "Got issues? Lube! Lube! Lube!"

Parents were naturally horrified that this curriculum had been developed for Grade 5 children, who are just 10 or 11 years old. One parent justifiably found the explicit language particularly offensive. She said, “Pop and lube, lube lube, and those kind of things. ... [It] serves to rob many of our children of their innocence." There was also instruction on the use of female condoms for anal sex.

Ontario can find a lesson in all this. No board official or government leader or parent in his right mind would consider this sexual lesson content appropriate for elementary school children. Of course educational bureaucrats will tell parents that an updated sex curriculum is part of a comprehensive educational policy to address sexual misconduct and harassment. It's needed to lower rates of sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancies, they allege. This is the same deceptive rhetoric being used by Premier Kathleen Wynne in order to dismiss parents who object to the sex education curriculum. Parents fear that just like many other ideological agendas pushed by government, the lessons will "evolve", just as they did in Chicago, pushed by left-wing teachers who are radical activists and who will take advantage of the tremendous latitude they have in selecting their own classroom teaching aids.

The claim can that we reduce rates of gonorrhea, syphilis, Chlamydia and HIV related infections by teaching more explicit sex to children makes no sense. There's no science to support this because these lessons have never before been introduced at the the elementary grade level.

We have had more sex information in the last sixty years than in the history of the human race and instead of solving anything, it has created more social and health problems. It's time to end this dangerous myth. Pushing an explicit sex education scheme on innocent children is indoctrination and child abuse.

MPP [Recipient's name will be automatically inserted], I fear that the same kind of radically perverted individuals who dreamed up the Chicago sex curriculum are also here in Ontario, pushing the Liberal Wynne/Levin curriculum. Please speak out against it boldly and repeatedly, until it is withdrawn from our elementary schools. My vote in the next election depends upon it.