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Conscience rights for health care workers are under attack in Ontario! Tell your MPP to defend them. (Ontario residents only)

On December 7, 2016, the Liberals introduced Bill 84 to implement euthanasia and assisted suicide in Ontario, so as to align with federal legislation passed earlier in the year by the Justin Trudeau government.

Bill 84 provides NO conscience protection for health care workers. If passed in this form, it will compel conscientious objectors to refer patients for euthanasia/assisted suicide to a different physician who is willing to carry out the homicidal procedure. No foreign jurisdiction in the world that has legalized euthanasia has forced health care workers or facilities to act against their conscience by requiring them to refer for a procedure they believe is harmful and unethical.

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Dear [Recipient's name will be automatically inserted], MPP:

Ontario is considering Liberal legislation, Bill 84, that would implement a medical euthanasia regime without any protection for health care workers who cannot in good conscience endorse this lethal practice.

Alberta has taken a different legislative approach which makes it easy for those who wish to kill themselves to do so, without forcing conscientious objecting doctors to become complicit in any way.

To protect conscience rights and prevent the thousands of objecting physicians and health care providers from being forced out of their practice, I ask you to support the following:

1. An amendment to Bill 84 that would provide robust conscience protection: health care workers should not be forced to refer for, perform or assist in euthanasia/assisted suicide against their will and should not be discriminated against for taking this stand.

2. Creation of a Care Coordination Service consistent with the approach of Alberta, which gives patients the avenue to seek euthanasia directly, without requiring a conscientious objecting healthcare worker to have to provide a referral that they believe is morally wrong.

I respectfully request that you make every effort to raise this issue with your colleagues as soon as possible. Know that I very much appreciate the important work you do each day on behalf of your constituents.