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Conscience rights for health care workers are under attack in Ontario! Tell your MPP to defend them. (Ontario residents only)

On December 7, 2016, the Liberals introduced Bill 84 to implement euthanasia and assisted suicide in Ontario, so as to align with federal legislation passed earlier in the year by the Justin Trudeau government.

Bill 84 provides NO conscience protection for health care workers. If passed in this form, it will compel conscientious objectors to refer patients for euthanasia/assisted suicide to a different physician who is willing to carry out the homicidal procedure. No foreign jurisdiction in the world that has legalized euthanasia has forced health care workers or facilities to act against their conscience by requiring them to refer for a procedure they believe is harmful and unethical.

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Conscience rights
Dear [Recipient's first name will be automatically inserted],

The Liberal government’s so-called “Medical Aid in Dying” Bill 84, tabled December 7, is an opportunity to explicitly legislate conscience rights for health care workers, religious hospitals, and palliative care facilities.

As you may know, Bill 84 currently contains absolutely no conscience protections at all, and will result in Christian health care workers being forced to refer patients to be killed by another doctor, in violation of their own conscience.

Please lobby the government, the committee that will be studying Bill 84, and all three Party Leaders to add a conscience rights amendment to the proposed legislation. Furthermore, you must pledge to vote against the Bill if it does not contain explicit conscience protections that would protect ethical health care workers who cannot implicate themselves in the immoral procedure of ending someone’s life.

My vote for the 2018 provincial election in the riding of [Recipient's riding name will be automatically inserted] depends upon whether you represent my voice at Queen’s Park.