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Meetings and negotiations are still underway. Unfortunately, the themes of comprehensive sexual education, abortion rights, and contraception continue on.
The anti-life forces are back at the UN for the forty-seventh Commission on Population and Development, promoting their radical agenda of sexual and reproductive health rights, which include pushing for abortion as a human right. Luckily they are not alone...
“Safe, legal and rare”- the famous abortion catch phrase we’ve all come to recognize as a colossal lie. As with all deception, one lie leads to another, and another, until it becomes farcical. The Emperor’s New Clothes has that whole story buttoned up.
Ontario's Health Minister Deb Matthews, is supposed to be an expert in how the province’s healthcare system works. However, her response to a defund abortion petition proves that she is clueless about how elective abortion is treated within the health care system.
I responded to correct Deb's false understanding.
...It’s no surprise, that on this second annual International Day of the Girl Child, 200 million girls are missing in this world because of sex-selective abortion and infanticide and most Canadian politicians remain silent...
During an interview recently, David Suzuki was quoted saying that “Canada is full”. He argued there's literally no space for immigrants in this vast country. He then slammed Canadian immigration policy as “disgusting” for trying to maintain our population (and therefore our economy) by bringing immigrants into the country.

If Saint Suzuki's de-population wish came true, our crumbling Medicare system and Old Age Security would finally collapse.
...Weak and bad parenting whether from a mother or a father is not sufficient to re-design the family. It is a call for self-improvement not re-engineering...
... Nothing in the message has changed. What has changed, and is continuously changing, is the attitude of this generation of Canadians who now have the science, the facts, and the images at their disposal to know what abortion is.
Allow me to tell you why I decided to travel to the March For Life, all the way from reservation land in Manitoba, and how I view the abortion issue from the perspective of a First Nations aboriginal woman.
Witness testimony of beheadings and neck-snipping performed by Gosnell to murder 100+ children who were born alive after failed abortions, is revealing the correlation between legal abortion and infanticide.

The Gosnell trial is relevant to recent allegations that acts of infanticide on children who survive abortion are rampant in Canadian hospitals and private abortion facilities. In January, Conservative MPs Maurice Vellacott, Leon Benoit and Wladyslaw Lizon...
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