Canadian Law

Although euthanasia and assisted suicide are still criminal acts in Canada, there have been several attempts in recent years to legalize it.

On April 21, 2010 Bill C-384 sponsored by Bloc Québécois MP, Francine Lalonde, had reached second reading in federal parliament. If passed, it would have given doctors permission to kill a wide range of Canadians including people who are seriously ill but not dying and who in fact, have a treatable condition. Doctors would also have been permitted to kill people suffering with treatable chronic depression. This would quickly have lead to doctors ending the lives of people who are "just tired of living" . Fortunately, this deplorable bill was defeated by a wide margin of 228 votes against to 59 votes in favour. Lalonde is a determined pro-death activist and she is certain to bring the bill forward again, either herself or through another pro-death MP.

Another looming threat is the fact that Quebec's College of Physicians have signaled to the government that they want to legalize euthanasia. Anti-euthanasia activists fear that this push by Quebec's medical community may succeed in legalizing it in Quebec, and then create a domino effect throughout Canada. In fact, media reports suggest that Quebec physicians are already "unofficially" euthanizing people by deliberately over-sedating them with excess morphine. This may be an attempt by Quebec physicians to evade the possibility of criminal charges for the killings they already perform.

It is critical that you contact your MPs and urge them to vote against ALL attempts to legalize euthanasia or assisted suicide, without exception.