Defending Democracy

CLC does not concern itself with economic policy. We do concern ourselves however with democratic freedom. Therefore, we address the current assault on capitalism because it’s a sign of creeping socialism in Canadian and US politics which not only entails a shift in economic policy, but a definite tilt away from genuine democracy. It puts at risk genuine human rights like freedom of religion and conscience and paves the way for tyranny.

Today’s balanced capitalism for all its imperfections, remains the fairest economic model in the world. It has proven to engender equal opportunity and create broad-based prosperity throughout western society. It respects the dignity of each human person and allows individuals to own property, which in turn encourages entrepreneurship and stimulates the desire to better one’s life.

While capitalism is not perfect, it is at least compatible with Judeo-Christian values. Socialism on the other hand, is incompatible with Christianity and directly opposes its view of the value and dignity of each human person. Canadians must stand on guard against creeping socialism in our political, educational and media institutions.