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October 19, 2015 Is Decision Day For Canada

The Conservatives under Stephen Harper have governed the country for nine years, first as a minority government for two terms, and then as a majority  since 2011.

With the October 19th election approaching quickly, it is difficult to predict what will happen. Many polls currently show the Tories, the far-left socialist NDP, and the officially pro-abortion Liberals, all in a virtual 3-way tie.

After Justin Trudeau lead in the polls for almost 2 years since becoming Liberal Party Leader, and much of that time, enjoying significant leads over the Conservatives, the honeymoon seems to have ended. It would appear the public is now seeing that Trudeau is an empty suit, lacking the experience to govern and feeling uncomfortable with his many gaffes. The Trudeau Liberals have dropped to 3rd place in the polls, albeit not that far behind the others. 

It is worth noting that two factors related to the pro-life and pro-family movement may well have contributed to the drop in Liberal popularity. One is the #NO2TRUDEAU postcarding campaign which exposes Trudeau's radical pro-abortion stance.  The campaign, organized jointly by Campaign Life Coalition Youth and the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform, have distributed over 1 million postcards to homes in key ridings, showing Justin Trudeau's face next to an aborted child and saying "A vote for Trudeau is a vote for this". 

A second significant factor contributing to the Liberals' loss of popularity is strangely enough, the Ontario Liberal government's radical sex education curriculum which will teach 8 year olds that little boys might actually be little girls (or vice versa), encourage 11 year olds to masturbate, teach 12 year olds about "anal intercourse" and "oral sex", and a host of other radical sexual stuff. 

This curriculum being pushed by the provincial Liberal government of Ontario has outraged hundreds of thousands of parents, most especially immigrant and ethnic communities who, coincidentally, voted mostly Liberal in the past. The outrage has attached itself to the "Liberal brand" federally too, and a senior Liberal admitted to a journalist that it is hurting Trudeau's party in key Ontario ridings. 

Prime Minister Thomas Mulcair?

Although the thought of a socialist Prime Minister in Canada would have seemed like a joke not long ago, some recent pollls have shown the NDP and its pro-abortion Leader, Mulcair, ahead of the Conservatives, with the Liberals and Justin Trudeau in third place.

This seemingly incredulous scenario is made all the more believeable by the provincial NDP's shocking victory in Alberta, where it defeated the natural governing, Progressive Conservative party. Most pundits never thought they would see the day when freedom-loving Albertans would elect a socialist government. 

What would an NDP or Liberal government mean for life issues?

The election of either the pro-death NDP or the abortion-loving Justin Trudeau would almost certainly mean bad things for preborn children, and for the elderly and disabled who are the targets of euthanasia.  We would see an increase in "abortion access" and abortion funding with Canadian taxpayer dollars, both at home and abroad. 

The official NDP policy is that no New Democrat candidate can be pro-life. He or she must also agree with taxpayer funding being funnelled toward the decapitation and dismemberment of preborn humans, otherwise their candidacy will be rejected.

Likewise, Justin Trudeau's tyrannical, anti-democratic "no choice but pro-choice" policy also bans pro-life Canadians from running as a Liberal candidate. Trudeau even played a part in influencing New Brunswick and PEI to increase public funding of abortions.

Although Prime Minister Harper has himself been rated pro-abortion by CLC, the Conservative caucus is home to about 100 pro-life or pro-life leaning Members of Parliament. Many of these speak out routinely against the barbaric practice of abortion, including MP Stephen Woodworth (Kitchener Centre), MP Brad Trost (Saskatoon-Humboldt) and many others. The pro-life presence is alive and well within the Conservative caucus. The same cannot be said for the NDP or Liberal parties. 

The Conservatives under Harper have also strongly opposed efforts by the opposition to legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide. The Liberal Party of Canada passed an official resolution making it party policy to support decriminalizing these forms of homicide. Likewise NDP Leader Tom Mulcair made it rather clear that he views the practice of allowing doctors to kill their patients in a favourable light, while commenting on a pro-euthanasia private members bill by assisted-suicide advocate and Member of Parliament, Stephen Fletcher:

"The government has to modernize our approach, whether that means working with the provinces and territories on the health aspects of this or modernizing the Criminal Code. Mr. Fletcher is taking a step in the right direction."

Both the NDP and Liberal parties also support radical, anti-family legislation such as Bill C-279, the transgender "bathroom bill, which would grant men a legal right to use girls' bathrooms, making them more vulnerable to sexual predators.  Bill C-279 passed the House of Commons and was working its way through the Senate when the election was called and Parliament dissolved. In the next Parliament this bill will surely be reintroduced by one of the gay-activist MPs in the NDP, Liberal or Bloc parties. If either Mulcair or Trudeau are Prime Minister at that time, Bill C-279 will surely become law. The Conservatives under Harper have almost unanimously voted against the reckless "Bathroom Bill". 

How to Cast Your Ballot

Please check out our 2015 Voter's Guide where CLC has identified more than 100 pro-life candidates in ridings across the country.  If your riding is not listed here, it may be the case that there are no pro-life candidates, or merely that the candidates did not respond to CLC's election questionnaire. We will very soon be posting candidate comparisons for every riding.

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