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Government Relations

Lobbying for life

As the political arm of Canada’s pro-life movement, Campaign Life Coaltion maintains a government relations lobby office in Ottawa. This staff is dedicated to working on the Hill, both with pro-life MP’s and educating those MP’s who are not pro-life.

Our lobbyists attend government functions. They share the latest medical and social science research relating to life and family issues. They also address problems relating to state interference in religious freedom and conscience rights.

We encourage members of parliament to craft public policy that is consistent with Canada’s founding Judeo-Christian values, and which does not violate moral norms held in common by most societies.

Voter assistance

Our government relations office also supports pro-life/pro-family citizens who want to contact their elected representative, but want some guidance on how they can be most effective.  We also publish a monthly Parliamentary Report.


Citizen Action Tools

Our Parliament Hill lobby office encourages you, the average citizen, to join us in the important work of influencing government policy by doing any of the following actions: