Provincial Voting Records

MPP Lou Rinaldi

Liberal Party, Northumberland-Quinte West, ON

CLC rating: Pro-life
Position: Parl. Assistant to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing
First elected ( 02-Oct-03
Previous Occupation: Municipal councillor
Birthdate ( 1947
Percentage in last election: 38.4% in 2011; 45.4% in 2007
Victory margin last election: -1.4% in 2011; +14.2% in 2007
Religion / Faith: Catholic
Parliamentary Office
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
17th Floor, 777 Bay Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5G 2E5
Tel: 416-585-6768
Fax: 416-585-4035


Constituency Offices
513 Division Street, Unit 7
Cobourg, Ontario
K9A 5G6
Tel: 905-372-4000 ; 1-800-263-3980 (Toll Free); 613-475-1040 (Brighton)
Fax: 905-372-1672 ; 613-392-2241 (Brighton)

Here is Lou Rinaldi's voting record relating to life and family issues:

Votes, Surveys and Policy Decision Vote Score
Bill 77, 2nd reading, to make it illegal for psychologists and therapists to be able to provide help to individuals who experience unwanted same-sex attraction or unwanted gender identity confusion, even if the patient is desperately seeking that therapy.
Bill 17, "The Affirming Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Act, 2015", introduced by New Democratic Party MPP Cheri DiNovo, a minister of the United Church of Canada, bans “any practice that seeks to change or direct the sexual orientation or gender identity of a patient under 18 years of age, including efforts to change or direct the patient’s behaviour or gender expression.” This Bill would prohibit “change” therapy, a form of cognitive psychotherapy that treats unwanted feelings through exploratory conversations between therapist and client intended to understand the childhood causes of the unwanted feelings. In justifying her sweeping Bill, DiNovo declared, “We will not tolerate questionable practices that attempt to suppress people’s true identities,” thus presuming by rhetoric alone that homosexual impulses reveal, rather than undermine, a person's "true identity". [2nd reading passed 52 to 0 on April 2, 2015]
Absent or abstained --
Bill 28, 3rd reading, the so-called "All Families Are Equal Act"
Bill 28, third reading: This Marxist-inspired bill radically redefines society’s understanding of what a ‘family’ is. It undermines the parent-child relationship between natural parents and their biological offspring. The Liberal government bill erases the words “mother” and “father” from all provincial laws and government records, including birth certificates, and will thus have a harmful trickledown effect of purging the use of “mother” and “father” from our collective vocabulary throughout the rest of society, including but not limited to school curriculum, charities, and employer “speech codes”. In a stunning piece of social engineering that will produce immense harm to children, the bill also creates situations in which children can have 4 or more legal parents. Another foreseeable, adverse effect of legalizing 4-parent situations for children, is that it will help bring about the legalization of polygamy. [Passed 79-0 with 28 abstentions, Nov 29/16]
Yes bad
Position on de-funding of abortion services
Supports ok

There are no quotes for Lou Rinaldi at this time.

Here are the answers for the questionnaire as provided by Lou Rinaldi on 12-Sep-07.

Question Response
Do you acknowledge that human life begins at conception (fertilization)? Yes
Are there any circumstances under which you believe a woman should have access to abortion? (note: a surgical or medical intervention, designed to prevent the death of the mother but but which results in the unintended and undesired death of the pre-born child, is not an abortion. e.g. in cases of tubal pregnancy or cervical cancer) No
Will you support measures to stop funding abortions with taxpayers' money in Ontario? Yes
Do you agree women have the right to be thoroughly informed about the serious health consequences of abortion, the development of the child in the womb and the alternatives to abortion? Yes
Will you support the rights of parents to withdraw their children from school classes which offend their moral principles or beliefs concerning abortion, contraception and homosexuality? Yes
Will you support legislation to protect the right of health care workers who refuse to participate in procedures which are in violation of their religious or conscientious beliefs? Yes

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