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Ford govt betrays parents on sex-ed

Dear supporter,

On Friday, Ontario’s Education Minister made an announcement which devastated parents, and betrayed the trust they had placed in Doug Ford.

Minister Lisa Thompson held a press conference to unveil her plan to replace the radical Wynne/Levin sex curriculum, a central campaign promise by Doug Ford.

The problem is this: she won’t be replacing anything. According to Thompson’s announcement, most of Kathleen Wynne’s perverted sex curriculum will remain in place as part of the new program the Ministry will develop.

Teachers will still get Grade 1 children discussing their genitalia in mixed-sex classrooms, using explicit terms like penis, vagina, vulva and testicles. (With the growing problem of educator sexual misconduct, this is unwise).

The new Ford/Thompson curriculum is going even further than Wynne/Levin on the topic of giving and receiving sexual consent. This will be taught to children by Grade 2, and it will come up even more frequently than it did in the Wynne/Levin program.

Homosexuality will still be taught, albeit at Grade 5 now instead of Grade 3. It’s a sure bet that these lessons, just like Wynne’s version, will be anti-Christian in nature, designed to eradicate in children the religious beliefs instilled by their parents.

And most egregious of all, the unscientific theory of Gender Identity will still be taught in elementary schools, although it will be moved up from Grade 3 to Grade 8.

We want to take a moment to congratulate you - the parents and grandparents of Ontario - on succeeding in making the government move up Gender Identity theory by five grades, and homosexuality by two grades.

It was your protests, rallies, emails, phone calls and general perseverance that won those small concessions.

However, we would be negligent if we didn’t clarify that those are only small wins. Why am I saying that? Because:

1. In many schools, these grade level changes will amount to nothing. The grade is only a “suggestion”. Left-wing teachers are free to introduce the topics as early as they like, even in Kindergarten, as Lisa Thompson’s lawyers admitted in court.

2. Transgender ideology should never be taught at any grade, whether elementary or high school. So brainwashing our children into believing a crazy, unscientific theory in Grade 8 is not something to applaud.

3. Teachers have no right – not in Grade 5, or ever - to subvert the religious beliefs that parents instill in their children regarding the definition of marriage, or biblical beliefs about the sinfulness of homosexual behaviour.

Another tiny concession that parents won is that Thompson told the media that parents will have the right to opt-out their children from any sex ed lesson they wish.

But shouldn’t that just be assumed? Is the government really bestowing a special kindness upon parents? It’s just the minimum of what they ought to be doing, anyway.

Furthermore, allowing parents to merely opt-out their children from unscientific lessons on Gender Identity theory is not sufficient.

Why should our children be made to feel ostracized when they have to leave the class or stay home on certain days? It’s more fair and easier on everyone to just leave this controversial ideology out of the classroom. Let those who believe in it, teach it to their own kids at home!

Thompson owns the Education file. But the buck stops with Premier Ford. He has to intervene and remove transgender ideology lessons from all grades, or else he will have flip-flopped on sex ed, just like the disgraced Patrick Brown.

CLC will be developing strategies to continue fighting for what parents were promised – an age-appropriate curriculum with which they would be comfortable and based on their feedback. In the meantime, please express your displeasure about the announcement:

Hon. Premier Doug Ford

Tel: 416-325-1941

Email: [email protected]

Premier's Office, Room 281
Legislative Building, Queen's Park
Toronto, ON M7A 1A1

Hon. Minister Lisa Thompson

Tel: 416-325-2600

Email: [email protected]

Room 430, Main Legislative Building
Queen's Park
Toronto, ON M7A 1A8

Thanks and God bless, 


Jeff Gunnarson
National President
Campaign Life Coalition


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