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2019 Voters Guide is here!

We’re pleased to unveil an exciting new resource to help pro-life and pro-family Canadians decide how to cast their ballots during the 2019 federal election.

CLC has created a brand new website called which provides socially-conservative Canadians with an easy-to-use Voters Guide. 

This resource tells you which candidate in your local riding is pro-life, and lets you see how their opponents measure up in comparison.

This voter guide resource does more than just indicate who’s supportable. It helps connect interested Canadians to volunteer for their local pro-life candidate.

If you don’t have a supportable candidate in your riding, no problem! The website will automatically recommend the closest pro-life candidate in a nearby riding so that you can still volunteer for, and help elect, a pro-lifer to the House of Commons! 

Note: There are still many ridings where the parties have not yet selected a candidate. More pro-life candidates will be identified on this site over the coming weeks and months leading up to the federal election, so check back often.



For those who are interested, provides an informative comparison of the official policies of the main parties in the election. We compare five party platforms across 12 different metrics ranging from abortion to parental rights and from euthanasia to prostitution.


As an additional resource, we score each of the main party leaders and provide a detailed analysis of their stances on a variety of issues, from the sanctity of life to euthanasia to transgender ideology. 

Please note that CLC has always recommended casting one’s ballot based on the merits of the local pro-life candidate, not based on the Party Leader.


Please check out voteprolife.caThen share it widely with other pro-life, pro-family and pro-free speech Canadians via email and on social media.  




Jeff Gunnarson
National President
Campaign Life Coalition