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Do I really want a death doctor?

Dear Fellow Canadians,

What if you had no choice but to see a doctor who regularly dispenses lethal injections to vulnerable seniors? How would you feel about trusting him with your health? What if a pregnant woman had no option but to turn to an ob-gyn who performed abortions everyday? Could she truly trust her unborn baby’s care to that “expert”?

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These are important questions to ask – especially in a day and age when doctors, nurses, and all manner of medical professionals are encouraged to set aside their traditional ethics and do the bidding of the political left. It is hard to recall a time when there was so much pressure on doctors to play God, deny conscience, and kill their patients!

Evidently it is not enough that abortion and euthanasia are legal and all-too-readily available across our country. No! Powerful voices in the culture of death insist that every single health care worker in every single clinic and hospital must either offer these “services” or be willing to provide a referral to someone who does.

This is what we’ve come to: Totalitarian health care.

Convenience versus Conscience

The so-called “right to access” is paramount to many of our ruling elites. Convenience has become a greater virtue than conscience in our “progressive” (regressive) society.

In May 2019, three Ontario Superior Court judges upheld a tyrannical policy crafted by the College of Physicians and Surgeons back in 2016. That policy forces doctors in Ontario to either directly commit or indirectly facilitate medical murder (abortion and euthanasia).

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At first glance, the judges’ ruling seems almost reasonable. They state: “physicians are required to place the interests of their patients ahead of their own personal interests in the event of a conflict.”.  

What could be wrong with that? Shouldn’t patients’ interests always come first?

Not necessarily. What if a patient wants something unhealthy or harmful? What if his or her interests are misguided or medically unnecessary? What if a patient doesn’t understand what he or she wants or needs?

Caring not Killing

Doctors who reject abortion and euthanasia insist that these procedures are NOT in their patients’ best interests. They believe these procedures do more harm than good. They believe that their patients deserve better.

But those Ontario judges seemed to have missed that point. The court is determined to order our medical professionals: Thou SHALT kill!

In light of this appalling decision, concerned individuals are looking at ways to protect our health care workers and salvage our healthcare system from destruction.

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In November of 2017, Manitoba passed a bill protecting the conscience rights of medical professionals. On November 7th of this year, Alberta also began looking at a similar conscience protection Bill, which was introduced by Mr. Dan Williams, UCP MLA for Peace River.

Alberta Bill 207 needs our wholehearted support. Alberta’s conscientious healthcare workers need our support. Alberta’s vulnerable seniors, the terminally ill, expectant mothers, and preborn babies need our support. That’s why I’m asking you to sign our new petition to Alberta’s MLAs...

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As Bill 207 proceeds through the Alberta legislature, we will make MLAs aware of this petition. The more people who sign, the more impact we will have!

Please sign and share today.

Yours for Life,


David Cooke
Campaigns Manager
Campaign Life Coalition