Don’t Fund Private Abortion Business


Do Not Fund Clinic 554

TO: Hon. Blaine Higgs, Premier
CC: Dorothy Shephard, Minister of Health
CC: Ernie Steeves, Minister of Finance

I urge you to stand firm against the funding of private abortion facilities in New Brunswick.

Clinic 554 (the former Morgentaler Clinic), is a private, for-profit abortion facility. After years of fiscal incompetency, it announced in 2019 that it will permanently close, admitting “financial instability”. (The business closed once before in 2014 for the same reason.)

Some pro-abortion activists are calling on the government of New Brunswick to bail out Clinic 554 by paying for the abortion procedures it commits. A number of meddling politicians from outside the province are also demanding the same. However, this would be a contravention of the Medical Services Payment Act (84-20, Schedule 2), which forbids the government from funding abortions outside of approved public hospitals.

In fact, the Canada Health Act prohibits the funding of private healthcare services, as provided by Clinic 554.

The citizens of New Brunswick do not want their tax dollars wasted on propping up a failed business that has proven itself financially unstable. They are also unwilling to support said business for its controversial and morally repugnant practices, namely the killing of preborn babies. Taxpayers do not want their hard-earned money lining the pockets of those who get rich off the human tragedy of abortion.

Please stand up for the citizens of New Brunswick and the laws they elected you to uphold. Do the right thing and refuse to fund Clinic 554! 



UPDATE - July 2021

The federal government of Justin Trudeau is adding pressure to try to force New Brunswick to fund elective abortions at the for-profit Clinic 554 abortuary. More than $140,000 in federal health transfer payments has been withheld in an effort to punish the province for its stand.

New Brunswick Premiers going back to Frank McKenna (Liberal) and Bernard Lord (PC) in the 1990s have insisted that provincial funding for abortion is limited to publicly-run hospitals, and that is the position of the current Premier, Blaine Higgs. Mr. Higgs also says he is opposed to anything that opens the door to private health care.

The federal Liberals claim that the Canada Health Act (CHA) requires all abortions be funded, but that is simply not true: the CHA is a set of principles that does not mention specific procedures, and it is up to the provinces to decide which procedures to fund. It also must be noted that elective abortion is never medically-necessary, and pregnancy is not a disease!

A lawsuit has also been launch by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association on behalf of the pro-abortion lobby to try to get the courts to force New Brunswick to fund the Clinic 554 abortuary.

Your name on this petition will help us fight back against the pro-aborts! We need to stop this private preborn baby-killing business.

No Bail-Out for Abortion Business

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