Demand the Firing of Perverse Halton School Board Teacher


Halton Teacher

Above Right: Teacher formerly known as Kerry Lemieux, who now identifies as "Kayla Lemieux". Source: Reduxx.

To: Mr. Curtis Ennis, CEO and Director of Education, Halton District School Board 

I demand the immediate termination of “Kayla Lemieux”, formerly named Kerry Lemieux, a shop teacher at Oakville Trafalgar High School in Oakville Ontario. 

According to disturbing reports, this teacher, who is biologically male, has been flaunting a recent “gender transition” by presenting himself with highly exaggerated and sexualized feminine features before distressed students. 

This teacher is seen in photographs and on video wearing oversized artificial breasts with protruding nipples in skin-tight shirts while closely interacting with children. 

One student expressed helplessness, saying: “The kids here most definitely don’t think it’s normal… but realistically we can’t say anything… Last year, the teacher was a man. I don’t think the school can fire him.” 

This teacher is harming and exploiting the children you are responsible for. 

However, your School Board has done nothing so far, with one staff member claiming that this teacher’s conduct is somehow protected under the Ontario Human Rights Code.  

It is not! 

Individuals self-identifying as “transgender” do not get a free pass when it comes to grooming children and exposing them to sexualization and sexual imagery. 

According to your own board’s child abuse policy: 

A child in need of protection is a child who has suffered or is at risk of: 
1. physical or emotional harm or neglect... 

The children of Oakville Trafalgar High School are not merely at risk of being emotionally harmed, but it seems they are truly being emotionally harmed by Lemieux’s disturbing and glaringly exaggerated “transition”. Reports indicate they are being daily exposed to a form of living visual pornography in his fetishized dress and self-styling. This is a form of sexual exploitation of children on the part of a seemingly highly unbalanced teacher. 

Your Board’s policy states that, for teachers accused of child abuse, “The alleged offender will be assigned home with pay and will not have access to children or the workplace during the investigation.” 

Why, therefore, is this teacher permitted to continue to have access to children day after day while outraged parents and stakeholders are demanding his termination? Why is no investigation forthcoming? 

I demand that the Halton District School Board adhere to its own policies and not make any exceptions because of this teacher’s “gender identity”. Lemieux cannot hide behind his newly-minted “gender expression” as an excuse for shameful, lewd, and highly sexualized behaviour in the presence of underaged children. 

This teacher must be disciplined immediately and seek professional help. Nothing short of termination will satisfy outraged parents and stakeholders such as myself. 


[ The Undersigned ] 

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Lana H. Innisfail, AB
Sep 30, 2022 - 10:48am
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Sep 30, 2022 - 10:37am
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Sep 30, 2022 - 10:32am
Sep 30, 2022 - 10:31am
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Sep 29, 2022 - 08:58pm
Anonymous Belleville, ON
Sep 29, 2022 - 08:37pm
Stephen C. Mitchell, MB
Sep 29, 2022 - 08:31pm
Anonymous Orangeville, ON
Sep 29, 2022 - 05:54pm
The male teacher dressing as/identifying as a female in this way is purposely using breasts to draw attention from students which is absolutely unacceptable and disgusting. Regardless of the gender of this teacher; exposed genitals and sexual innuendo is unacceptable in a school environment.
Mark K. Hamilton, ON
Sep 29, 2022 - 05:12pm
Diane S. London, ON
Sep 29, 2022 - 05:02pm
Anonymous Montreal, QC
Sep 29, 2022 - 04:44pm
Anonymous lorette, MB
Sep 29, 2022 - 03:52pm