How to Restore True Marriage

There are many legal avenues to restoring the true definition of marriage. All of them however, require the first step of electing officials who share our pro-family values.

Once a majority of pro-marriage MPs are elected, parliament can:

  • Pass a bill to restore the true definition of marriage.
  • Invoke section 33 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It allows parliament to override the judicial-activist court rulings that abolished the true definition of marriage. This section was placed in the Charter of Rights for the very purpose of protecting the country against bad judicial decisions. Politicians only avoid using this legitimate Charter provision because they fear the media thuggery that would surely hound them. Canada's biased media is an organ of the gay lobby and actively seeks to influence both elections, and public sentiment, against pro-family politicians.
  • Via constitutional amendment, work to enshrine the definition of marriage in the constitution. This would take the matter out of the grabbing hands of unelected, activist-judges.
  • Hold a national referendum, similar to the ballot questions in U.S. elections, allowing Canadians to decide for themselves what the definition of marriage should be.