Simple Election to Do List

  1. Question ALL the candidates in your riding about their stands on the life and marriage issues – life having highest priority.       
  2. Contact CLC with any candidate information beyond what has already been reported from the CLC Voter's Guide by       
  3. By far the most important election role you can undertake is to make it crystal clear to every candidate that abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, cloning and the defense of marriage are the top issues on which you WILL cast your ballot.    
  4. You must also encourage others to do likewise.       
  5. Always be respectful but firm. Don’t harangue, get angry or verbally abuse candidates in any way. Instead engage in dialogue.       
  6. Try to educate every candidate but at the same time do not be naïve about their promises or off-hand responses to pacify you.       
  7. Ask for commitments to whatever degree each candidate is willing to make.