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Drinking the kool-aid


I’m ugly.
Well… at least that’s what the pro-abortion movement in Toronto has to say about me. I’m pro-life because I’m just angry that no man wants to sleep with me. I’m not joking when I say that was actually an argument used against me during the one month duration that the De-Fund Abortion Rally Facebook event has been posted.
I didn’t anticipate the event wall being a cyber- magnet for pro-abortion rhetoric, but boy was I wrong. Since the event was posted mid-September,  CLC Youth have been told to stop breathing, walk off a bridge, and my personal favourite- to go “drink some kool- aid and get back to fetishizing fetuses”. We have been called pro-rape misogynists, anti-woman, anti-choice (which was then later changed to “limited- choice”), fanatics, slut-shamers and vile scum. One woman even stated that she didn’t think I grasped things well because my “mom must have tried to abort with a coat hanger and scratched skull instead”.
On the issue of de-funding, barely anything has been discussed, other than for the fact that reducing funding for abortions is part of a bigger scheme to criminalization and that a small amount of money is taken from each individual taxpayer anyway and therefore it’s no big deal. That was one or two posts. The rest of them have been poor attempts to cyber-bully pro-lifers in an effort to overtake our Facebook page with scare tactics to keep us from this event. Proof that a fetus isn’t human and other illogical pro-abortion arguments have been cited from overly-credible sources such as George Carlin (comedian), The Abortion Gang (scary!), Wikipedia (you heard me) and the Guttmacher Institute (the research branch of the Klu Klux Kl….I mean.. Planned Parenthood).
Of course CLC Youth advocates for legal and cultural change in Canada with respect to protecting human life and the family. That’s no secret. This event however, is about a different issue. It’s about our rights as taxpayers not to fund a “medical” service when the medical necessity and therapeutic value of that service is highly disputed.
In a recent article in The Interim Newspaper, editor Paul Tuns shed light on the secretive world of funding and the abortion industry in one of the most “livable provinces in the country”. On top of the 30-40 million dollars spent on funding abortions in Ontario, Tuns brought up the point that a 1994 study done by the Canadian Report of the committee on the Abortion Law found that women who had abortions visited their doctors 80 percent more than women in general- validating the claim that women suffer from overall poorer health after the procedure. He goes on to say that in a recent Canadian study 25% of women used a psychiatrist after having their abortions and 2-3% of women were more likely to be rendered infertile or being 2-5 times more likely to experience difficulties during subsequent pregnancies. “The cost of treating infertility and subsequent pregnancy problems, as well as depression and lower over-all health, can be added to the health care bill that no one is counting.”
And here’s the real kicker. According to the Canadian Labor Code, women who’ve had abortions after the 19th week of pregnancy are eligible to receive 17 weeks of paid maternity leave covered by… drum-role please…. the Canadian government.
So, our government expects us to pay for the killing of children and then shovel out even more money for invisible “maternity” benefits after the child has already been aborted.
It is precisely because of these reasons that we MUST take a stand. It’s funny. One of the main arguments used against CLC Youth is that we don’t have the right to tell other women what to do- yet pro-aborts from across the province are saying we don’t have the right to have this rally. I guess the only women that are deserving of rights are the ones they approve of. 
As one self-proclaimed genderless pro-abort recently said on our Facebook wall, “CLCY is comprised of impressionable young mouthpieces for a theocratic and misogynistic agenda”. With opponents like these…we are destined for victory.
*Join us on Saturday, October 22nd 2011, from 1-4pm at Queens Park in Toronto for our first-ever De-Fund Abortion Rally. For more details, visit our website at
By: Josh Kehoe
February 7, 2012 @ 4:55pm
"with opponents like these, we are destined for victory."

I freakin love it, you keep it up girl!!!