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Watch Brad Trost’s Amazing Leadership Convention Speech

Want to know why Brad Trost finished in a stunning 4th place position out of 14 candidates, during the May 27th Conservative Party Leadership vote?  Just watch his speech from the Leadership Convention, given the day before the vote. These are the policy ideas and values that drove tens of thousands of grassroots Conservatives to mark him as #1 on their ballot.  (Note: Trost's speech begins after a short advertisement.)

This pro-life/pro-family CPC Leadership candidate inspired social conservatives with his genuine, life-affirming campaign platform, achieving 4th place overall, and holding third place for a couple of late ballots. A stunned liberal media buzzed about the social conservative upsurge, and CPC members who believe in the sanctity of human life and the natural family received renewed prominence in the party.

Trost's speech makes it clear that social conservative values aren't a liability to the Conservative Party, they're the way to energize the base and draw new members into the party.