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On Saturday May 14th, parents across the province will send a resounding message to their local MPP, and to the local community. By rolling through busy streets with a caravan of vehicles covered in car flags and decals, we’ll demand that the age-inappropriate sex curriculum is repealed.  

Help us get this off the ground with simultaneous car rallies in every single Ontario provincial riding.

What’s in the controversial curriculum?

Here’s a sampling by grade to help you understand why parents are taking to the streets in protest:

Grade 1 to 8:  Sexual Consent

According to the Education Minister, all children, from the earliest stages of sex education, must learn “what consent looks like”.

Grade 1: Genitalia  

Will get 6-yr-old children discussing their genitalia in the classroom, learning to use terms like “penis, testicles, vagina, vulva”.  [View].

Grade 3: Gender as changeable social construct

Will teach 8-yr-olds whether you're a boy or a girl does not necessarily relate to your physical anatomy. [view here & here]

Grade 3: Same-sex relationships

Will normalize  homosexual "marriage" in the minds of 8-year-olds, without regard for the religious/moral beliefs of families. [view]

Grade 4: Romantic dating

Will introduce 9-yr-olds to the idea of being “more than just friends” and “going out” with classmates whom they may “like”. [view]

Grade 6: Masturbation

Encourages masturbation as a "pleasurable" way for 11-yr-olds to learn about their bodies. [view]

Grade 7: Anal Intercourse, Oral Sex

Introduces 12-yr-olds to “anal intercourse” and “oral sex”, under the guise of discussing STDs. The fact is this will amount to planting the idea of these sexual practices in the minds of children who may never yet have considered partaking in the behaviours.  [view]

Grade 7: Sexual Pleasure

Teacher will help 12-yr-olds get an “understanding of your own body, including what gives you pleasure”  [view]

Grade 8:  ‘Make a personal plan’ about your sexual activity

The teacher is to help students make a sexual plan for themselves, to help them decide how far they're willing to go with sexual activity, and then "stick to what I had planned". [view]

Grade 8: Keep a condom with you

Children will be taught to keep a condom on their person in case there's a chance "they will be having sex sometime soon".  [view]

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Thank you for signing up to attend this Car Rally on . It is a protest against the Liberal sex education curriculum that is certain to prematurely sexualize children as young as 6-years-old.

Rally Route:
Your Riding:
Your Member of Provincial Parliament:
Meeting Location:
Car Flags and Decals: The Canadian Families Alliance will deliver window flags and decals to the Team Leader for each Car Rally. The Team Leader will distribute them to drivers at the starting point/meeting place of the rally route. A donation to help cover the cost of the flags and decals is appreciated, but not required.

Rules: Safe, Fun and Team-up

All cars/drivers must understand and agree:
1. Obey the law during the whole event. Drivers take full responsibility for any accident and legal issues.
2. Follow instructions and arrangements during whole event.
3. Organizer/Team Leader has right to refuse any car/driver, any time during event, for any reasonable cause.

Rules & Guidelines

Each driver and car:
1. Must have at least 2 flags (4 is best), Canada car flag is acceptable.
2. Upon arrival at the meeting location, each driver should please sign sign the "check in" sheet.
3. Must have full tank of gas, cell phone, route map, communication sheet, GPS (optional).
4. Valid driver license/insurance. Drive safe, it's driver's own responsibility throughout the duration of the event.

Rally team (communication, team work):
1. If your car rally has a lot of cars show up, split theme into teams with 10 cars/team.
2. Two leader cars should be assigned per team (front car and end car).
2. Each lead car and end car should have at least have 2 persons (1 driver, 1 navigator).
3. Team members must follow instructions, and their Team Leader.

Process (Safety, Safety, and Safety):
1. Drivers sign in, then get assigned to a team (by the team leader). Each team fills out a communication sheet that will be provided.
2. Team leaders will have a 5 min meeting with team members, to check safety, route and communication sheet.
3. Rally started by #1 team. Then the next team follows.
4. All cars must maintain a safe distance, obey the law, and follow your lead car, end-to-end.
5. When designing the rally route, the Team leader should try to make the right have only right turns. This simplifies driving.

1. If you get lost, do NOT rush, do NOT panic. Just park your car safely, call your team lead (team communication sheet).
2. If you can't catch up/find your team, return and go home directly. You can always join the next event.
3. If you are in any risk, Call 911 immediately.

Can You Help Us Promote this Rally in Your Church or Social Circles?
A poster that's ideal for church bulletin boards can be downloaded here. To learn more about the Wynne Liberals' radical sex ed curriculum, visit our online analysis.
Thank you for helping us protect children from being exploited and sexualized.