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Ontario 2018

After 15 years of disastrous Liberal rule, especially morally, Ontarians will have a chance to elect a new government on June 7, 2018. But would the liberal-lite Patrick Brown PCs govern any differently?



New Brunswick 2018

The provincial election will happen September 24, 2018. Liberal Premier Brian Gallant has been a rabid pro-abortionist who has greatly expanded the killing of preborn children. Campaign Life Coalition is looking for candidates to support in nominations and in the general election.


Quebec 2018

The 42nd Quebec general election is tentatively scheduled for October 1, 2018 to elect members to the National Assembly of Quebec. The province which brought us legalized euthanasia is in great need of pro-life/family candidates who might become a voice of reason in this legislature that has given itself over to the culture of death.