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New Brunswick abortion facility Clinic 554 closes for good

Campaign Life Coalition gives thanks to God that New Brunswick private abortion facility Clinic 554 (the former Morgentaler Clinic) announced that it will be closing its doors as of today and will no longer be killing preborn children.

“This is great news for preborn babies and their moms in New Brunswick,” said CLC National President Jeff Gunnarson. “This baby-killing business venture will no longer be able to prey on vulnerable mothers and offer to kill their precious children to make money.”

Clinic 554’s announcement of closure comes on the heels of a successful 40 Days for Life campaign last fall that saw pro-life volunteers praying and fasting in front of the centre for its closure. Leading the campaign was a former CLC intern.

Following the announcement of shutting down, local pro-abortion activists noted how pro-life forces “have actively worked to restrict access” to abortion. Indeed, in 2019, Campaign Life Coalition launched a campaign that successfully encouraged the New Brunswick government to stand firm against pressures to fund private abortion facilities. In 2023, CLC launched a campaign encouraging the province’s Premier Blaine Higgs to refuse to fund Clinic 554 in the face of a lawsuit from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association that sought to force the province to fund the centre.

CLC Atlantic coordinator Ruth Robert welcomed the news of the closure of Clinic 554.

“Hundreds of babies’ lives will be saved from death with the closure of this murder house,” she said.

Robert recounted the effort that went into running the 40 Days for Life campaign last fall outside of Clinic 554.

“Local pro-life advocates hoped this campaign would be the final push to shut the clinic down for good. Campaign leader and former CLC intern, Sarah Grace, was worried that there would not be enough pro-life people to run the around-the-clock campaign. She then heard God speak to her in her heart: ‘Go in the strength you have.’ She pressed forward, despite there being insufficient numbers of people to run the campaign. Some of the amazing volunteers drove for over four hours and would stay for hours praying. It’s because of people like Sarah Grace that this abortion mill is now closed. God has truly blessed the sacrifices of His devoted faithful. It all begins with one person stepping out in faith, and saying ‘Yes’ to God.”

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