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Demand the Ontario Legislature Repeal Totalitarian Bill 89

Background on the Issue
Bill 89, or the Supporting Children, Youth and Families Act, 2017, passed by a vote of 63 to 23 on June 1 at Queen’s Park.

It allows the state to potentially take away children from parents who do not adopt the Liberal government’s delusional gender ideology and, in effect, it prevents couples who also reject this ideology from adopting or fostering children. While “gender identity” and “gender expression” are added as factors to be considered “in the best interests of the child,” no longer will the religious faith in which the parents are raising the child be considered as a factor. This bill furthers the government’s dangerous intrusion into the lives of families and their very homes, and it must be repealed by this government or the next.

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Get Rid of Bill 89
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Bill 89 should never have passed, but the next best thing to do is get rid of it. Why?

The addition of “gender identity” and “gender expression” as aspects that should be considered when determining the best interests of the child, along with comments from the sponsor of the bill, Minister Coteau, all indicate that should a guardian object to their child’s claim that they are a gender not corresponding to their biological sex their child could be taken away! Anyone hoping to adopt or foster children who would similarly object in that circumstance can now be denied the ability to grow their family through adoption, or to foster.

There are many perfectly rational reasons for being suspicious of such a claim that one is actually a member of a different gender than that indicated by their bodily reality— prepubescent children confused about their own gender or identifying as the opposite gender often (between 80 to 95% of the time) “grow out of it” and many experts have expressed doubt that gender identity should be thought of as independent of biological sex. Guardians influenced by this rationale are not bigots, nor are they unfit to oversee the upbringing of children.

It is also worrisome that the religion that the parents of the child chose to raise the child in will no longer be taken into account in the determination of the best interests of the child. It appears like the parents’ desires for the child and their parental rights are slowly being chipped away at in favour of the government’s ideological agenda.

Bill 89 may bring destruction upon Ontario families if nothing is done about it. I can only hope it’s not too late to reverse the damage. I ask you to please pledge that you will work towards repealing Bill 89 at the earliest possible opportunity.
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