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Demand the Ontario Legislature Repeal Totalitarian Bill 89

Background on the Issue
Bill 89, or the Supporting Children, Youth and Families Act, 2017, passed by a vote of 63 to 23 on June 1 at Queen’s Park.

It allows the state to potentially take away children from parents who do not adopt the Liberal government’s delusional gender ideology and, in effect, it prevents couples who also reject this ideology from adopting or fostering children. While “gender identity” and “gender expression” are added as factors to be considered “in the best interests of the child,” no longer will the religious faith in which the parents are raising the child be considered as a factor. This bill furthers the government’s dangerous intrusion into the lives of families and their very homes, and it must be repealed by this government or the next.

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The Science Says “No” to Bill 89
Dear [Recipient's name will be automatically inserted], Member of Provincial Parliament:

“Evidence-based policy” with scientific backing is all the rage, and for good reason. In the case of Bill 89 or the Supporting Children, Youth and Families Act, 2017, however, the science sides with opponents of the bill.

For one, gender theorists have claimed so-called “gender identity” to be completely subjective. After all, it would be hard to find objective scientific evidence for the 31 genders New York City recognizes, the 71 Facebook recognizes, or the 100+ genders on Tumblr.

Meanwhile, as Professor Jordan Peterson often points out, the scientific evidence supports the idea that gender identity is not at all independent from biological sex—which manifests in one’s chromosomes, hormones, and primary and secondary sex characteristics. He has pointed out that for 99.9% of the human race, their gender identity matches their biological sex, and that tells us a lot.

For another, the facts seem to caution against physical intervention when children are confused about their gender. Here are some scientific facts:

-Most people who don’t identify with their own biological sex in their childhood end up identifying with it by the end of their adolescence;

-Puberty blockers may inhibit neurological development and bone growth;

-Cross-sex hormone therapy may increase one’s risk of heart disease, diabetes, blood clots, infertility, etc. depending on whether one takes estrogen or testosterone.

For these reasons, among others, experts like Johns Hopkins, professors Lawrence S. Mayer and Paul R. McHugh, and University of Toronto professor Ken Zucker, recommend against surgical or hormonal interventions, at least while the child is young.

Parents, thus, have significant grounds for denying a child’s requests for puberty blockers or hormones, which they might learn about as a faddish cool thing on the internet or at school. No government official should try to criminalize parents for doing so by suggesting the forcible removal of the child from the home.

Parents have the science on their side—not the government. That can be reconciled with the prompt repeal of Bill 89.
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