Canadian law

In Canada, research which destroys embryonic humans is legal. The embryonic person is afforded no legal protection whatsoever. Embryonic humans are destroyed and traded as if they were commodities, by the tens of thousands every year. Respect for the dignity of human life is non-existent in this field. Simply put, this is a mass slaughter of human beings combined with a form of slavery.

In 2003, federal parliament passed the Reproductive Technologies Bill C-13, which gave lip service to protecting the dignity of human life, but actually did the opposite by permitting the destruction of embryonic humans for the purpose of "finding cures" and treating infertility.

Not only is embryonic stem cell research legal, but it's also funded by the federal and provincial governments with taxpayer dollars.

If we as a society claim to be a "caring" society, we must stop killing these tiniest of embryonic human persons whom God created and loves.

To add injury to this shameful national tragedy, "adult" stem cell therapy which, unlike embryonic stem cell therapy, actually does cure people, is not receiving all the funding it deserves and is very difficult to find in Canada. Citizens often have to travel abroad to receive adult stem cell therapy.