In-utero Videography

In-uterine video technology is growing by leaps and bounds. We can now watch detailed, clear video of the developing unborn child. The quality of this video blows away even 4D ultrasound.

Although not a "pro-life" video and has nothing to do with abortion, National Geographic has produced an awesome DVD, with that sort of high quality videography. It is called The Biology of Prenatal Development and is also available for purchase at our online store.

If you are an educator, this 42 minute video is perfect for showing in a classroom setting. It contains nothing controversial. It simply provides biological facts and is appropriate even for public, secular schools.

Prenatal Biology Video

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Classroom lesson plans

For teachers who would like to show the video to students, but may not be able to devote 42 minutes in class to watch the entire film, we have compiled a 10 minute lesson plan and a 20 minute lesson plan featuring the clips most powerful in demonstrating the humanity of the unborn embryonic and fetal human being. Click below to download them:

10 Minute Lesson Plan 20 Minute Lesson Plan