Conversion Therapy bans

Video Testimony #1: KathyGrace Duncan

Video Testimony #2: Robert J. Wenman

Video Testimony #3: Keith Alexander


On March 9, 2020, guided by the totalitarian vision of a homosexual activist and academic named Kristopher Wells who has been lobbying various governments to criminalize "conversion therapy", the Justin Trudeau Liberals introduced Bill C-8 in the House of Commons. Earlier in this parliamentary session, a similar bill had been introduced in the Senate by Liberal-appointed Senator, Serge Joyal.

Bill C-8 is breathtaking in its scope and in its eradication of constitutional rights. It will outlaw any kind of clinical therapy, spiritual counselling, prayer or parental guidance to help a person (or child) overcome unwanted gender identity confusion or same-sex attraction. 

The proposed legislation's definition of "conversion therapy" is so broad that if parents try to discourage their own young children to be at peace with their biological sex, and dissaude them from identifying as the opposite sex, they will be guilty of the crime of "conversion therapy", and will be jailed for up to 5 years, according to the penalties prescribed by the law.

Likewise, clinical pyschologists, priests and pastors who provide counselling support to persons seeking help for unwanted gender confusion or same-sex attraction will get five years in prison if they dare to help that patient or parishioner who comes to them voluntarily, seeking help.

Campaign Life Coalition, in partnership with, has decided to bypass the dishonest, censorship media, and to tell the stories of these people directly to the MPs, Senators and Canadian public at large. Below are the first two testimonies in our video series. These are testimonies from KathyGrace Duncan and Robert J. Wenman. Both are post-operative, former transgenders who found healing, happiness and hope though spiritual counselling at their respective churches, to overcome unwanted gender identity confusion. Listen to their testimonies, and then share the videos with everyone you know, as well as your local MP.

All of this insanity is happening because the radicaly LGBT lobby, together with powerful allies in the media, have been relentlessly pumping out fake news propaganda stories about gays and transgendereds being forcibly confined, electroschocked and tortured by "conversion therapy". It's all lies. This does not happen at all. None of it.  The left tells these lies because they know it will help them achieve their political goals of silencing the Christian message of spiritual conversion in the public square, once and for all. There is very much an anti-Christian, anti-religion agenda behind this law. It has nothing to do with protecting children or improving health. 

The media knows full well that there are thousands of former transgenders and ex-gays who have left the LGBT lifestyle with the help of clinical therapy or spiritual counseling, and are living happier, healthier, more fulfilled lives as a result, in harmony with their faith. But the media refuses to let the Canadian public hear their stories.