Pastors Corner

Election Do's and Don't for Churches

Many pastors are unaware of just how involved they're allowed to be in political elections. Many pastors are under the false impression that their church will lose its charitable tax status if they mention elections or political parties from the pulpit. That is not the case whatsoever. To learn what you can and cannot say from the pulpit during election campaigns, download this file.


Election Guide handouts: no risk to tax-exempt status

The two-page Election Guide for Serious Christians respects Canada's laws regarding registered charities and political involvement. Therefore, it is totally safe to hand out in church, to read from the pulpit or use as a bulletin insert, without risk to your church's tax-exempt status. This piece is suitable for federal or provincial elections. It can be printed one or two-sided on your desktop printer, or at a copy shop. Contact us if you would like to order a supply of full-colour, glossy, printed Election Guides.


Pro-life Sermons & Homilies

Campaign Life Coalition would like to partner with retired pastors and priests who would be interested in writing a series of regular, pro-life sermons (or homilies for Catholics), to post on our website.  Many pastors who are still in service full time with a congregation or parish do not have time to do all the research related to abortion, embryonic stem cells, euthanasia, modern threats to the sanctity of marriage and the family, etc.

Campaign Life Coalition is requesting interested pastors who are orthodox in their Christian faith to help us create a web-based resource where busy, full-time pastors and priests across Canada could go to download well-composed, pre-written sermons, to use in their own Sunday services.   We'd like to have some protestant or evangelical writers. We also need some Catholic writers who could write homilies themed according to the 3 year liturgical calendar that is used by Catholic, Anglicans and Lutherans. 

Handout literature and booklets

Trust our selection of solid, accurate and well-researched materials. These are items which you can hand out to your congregation or make available for congregants to pick up on their own from a literature rack or table top. More items will be added in future.

Literature suitable for protestant Christian churches or other worship communities click here.

Literature designed for a Catholic audience, click here.