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Demand the Ontario Legislature Repeal Totalitarian Bill 89

Background on the Issue
Bill 89, or the Supporting Children, Youth and Families Act, 2017, passed by a vote of 63 to 23 on June 1 at Queen’s Park.

It allows the state to potentially take away children from parents who do not adopt the Liberal government’s delusional gender ideology and, in effect, it prevents couples who also reject this ideology from adopting or fostering children. While “gender identity” and “gender expression” are added as factors to be considered “in the best interests of the child,” no longer will the religious faith in which the parents are raising the child be considered as a factor. This bill furthers the government’s dangerous intrusion into the lives of families and their very homes, and it must be repealed by this government or the next.

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Bill 89 Hurts Families
Hello [Recipient's first name will be automatically inserted],

I am a constituent in [Recipient's riding name will be automatically inserted] and I would appreciate if, as my M.P.P, you would commit to trying to repeal Bill 89. It is a truly terrible piece of legislation: it pays no regard to the religion that parents raised their child in; threatens the penalization of parents who dare to not go along with their child’s gender confusion; and bars couples who disagree with gender identity theory and LGBTQ ideology from fostering or adopting children.

What’s also frightening is that the effects of the bill are in fact intended. The radical social engineers who concocted this gender identity theory, and who wrote it into Bill 89, want to punish families who have a Judeo-Christian worldview on sexuality.

I am pleading with you to care. These are real families, real people, who will be affected. Children will suffer from being removed from their parents and immersed in a destructive lifestyle that ignores biological fact in favour of subjective identity. Parents will suffer from being denied their natural right to oversee the proper development of their children.

I understand that some supporters of the bill might be genuinely worried that children will be harmed if their parents don’t accept their gender identity, but parents can and do accept their children without accepting everything the child does or says. The idea that parents who don’t buy into the whole LGBTQ business are verbally or physically abusing their children is largely a myth. They act out of love and compassion, even when they disagree with their children. They’re not the ones hurting their children—the government is, via Bill 89.

M.P.P [Recipient's surname will be automatically inserted], please let me know if you are willing to attempt to repeal Bill 89, and if not, what it would take to convince you to do so.
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