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Doug Ford must keep his promise to FULLY repeal the Wynne/Levin sex curriculum

Background on the Issue
On Thursday, July 12th, the new Doug Ford government kept its election promise by announcing that it would repeal Kathleen Wynne’s radical sex-ed curriculum by September, and begin a thorough parental consultation process.

The very next day, Ford and his Education Minister Lisa Thompson became targets of a media-orchestrated campaign of fake outrage. Canada’s newspapers and TV news outlets launched a barrage of hundreds of editorials, columns, and reports attacking Ford’s announcement to replace the child-abusive sex curriculum.

Please send your MPP an Action Alert email asking that they tell Doug Ford and Lisa Thompson to stay the course, to keep Doug Ford’s promise to fully repeal the curriculum – especially the anti-scientific theories of gender fluidity, gender identity, and gender expression.
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Curriculum should be fact-based, science-based, not influenced by ideology
My dear MPP, [name]:

The Kathleen Wynne/Benjamin Levin sex curriculum is rife with unscientific, philosophical theories, like the "gender identity" and gender fluidity.

It represents serious child abuse to disrupt children's reality testing by telling them that being a boy or a girl is not connected to their bodily reality. Let's face it - these unscientific theories being pushed in the classroom are producing sexual confusion in the minds of the young. Of course, that was child sex-groomer Benjamin Levin's plan all along in developing this perverted curriculum, as the Deputy Education Minister at the time.

Be brave. Be courageous. Be truthful. Reject political correctness and the theory of gender identity. To help reinforce you in your confidence that science must be followed instead of wild theories that contradict basic biology, I encourage you to watch this fact-based video by a pediatrician, Dr. Michelle Cretella, the President of the American College of Pediatricians, who lays out the plain scientific and biological evidence on this issue:

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