Cecil Clarke Record

Below are the key criteria considered by CLC in rating Cecil Clarke as "Not Supportable" during the Progressive Conservative Party Leadership vote.  

  • Clarke identifies as "pro-choice", a euphemism for an individual who supports having abortionists kill children in the womb. He has also publicly identified as a "red tory" which is a euphemism for a socially liberal, fiscally conservative politician. 
  • He is openly gay and has participated in the homosexual pride parade. Presumably therefore, he supports the LGBT and transgender ideology agenda that is steamrolling over society, and increasingly, over the parental rights of traditionally-principled Canadians.

  • On a more positive note, while serving as Mayor of Cape Breton Regional Municipality, he opposed efforts to remove prayer before the City Council meetings.

    In order to become an eligible voting member, you must join the Nova Scotia PC Party no later than 5:00pm on Tuesday September 11th.