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Liberals Want to Euthanize More Canadians

“Killing not caring” could well be the motto of the Trudeau Liberals.

Their inept economic policies are killing off Canadian jobs and Canadian industry, while their abominable social policies are killing off Canadian citizens. Around 100,000 preborn Canadian babies are murdered each year in this country through the Liberals’ unrestricted abortion policy – one of the most radical policies in the world. As well, Mr. Trudeau’s new euthanasia program – launched in 2016 – has already killed over 13,000 elderly and ill Canadians.

But even these atrocious statistics are not enough to satisfy the apparent bloodlust of the Trudeau Liberals. Playing God with the lives of our fellow Canadians seems to have gone to their heads!

On Monday, February 24th, Justice Minister David Lametti introduced Bill C-7, a piece of radical legislation that will vastly expand the Liberal government’s current euthanasia program. This Bill delivers on the Prime Minister’s promise back in the Fall to increase euthanasia access. This is something that Mr. Lametti has long desired, as he always believed the Liberals’ original euthanasia program put too many restrictions on medical murder.

It seems that both Mr. Trudeau and Mr. Lametti just love the idea of euthanizing Canadians. They are well pleased at the prospect of more of our neighbours, friends, and family members being hastened into eternity by lethal injection. More weak, hurting, and vulnerable Canadians MUST be dispatched, according to our Prime Minister and so-called Minister of Justice.

David Lametti recently stated: “we ought to expand the possibility for [euthanasia] beyond the end-of-life scenario.”

Yes, I suppose it will save some healthcare dollars. And, yes, I suppose it will gratify those who want to erase our nation’s Christian heritage and values. But, surely, there must be some – even on the Left – who can see how utterly evil this agenda is. The destruction of tens of thousands of human lives – along with the devaluation and commodification of human life in general – is absolutely unconscionable!

Have we forgotten God’s commandment – that very basic rule: “Thou shalt not kill”? And have we forgotten that very basic human right NOT to be murdered by another human being?

When I read through Bill C-7, I am deeply disturbed by what I see. This extremely wordy and convoluted Bill seems more like a “how-to” guide for murder than anything else. Its primary purpose is to legalize and justify all kinds of ways that your “medical practitioner or nurse practitioner” can kill you – all while using the most euphemistic and ill-defined language.

Here is a brief summary of the very worst of Bill C-7:

  • A person can be euthanized who is NOT actually dying. This includes anyone living with a disability, illness, or disease that is treatable or even curable. The only criterion is that the person experiences “physical or psychological suffering that is,” according to his/her subjective perspective, “intolerable” (whatever that means). Section 241.2(3.1).
  • A person whose death is “reasonably foreseeable” (whatever that means) can be euthanized immediately – on the spot – without being given any time to reconsider. This removes the former ten day “waiting period”. Section 241.2(3)(g).
  • Another person can sign your euthanasia request for you if you are unable to sign it yourself, with only one witness required. Two witnesses were required before to prevent abuse. Section 241.2(3)(c).
  • If you try to kill yourself with euthanasia drugs, and the drugs only knock you out, a nurse or doctor can finish you off. They are not obliged to help you live, recover, or reconsider. Section 241.2(3.5)
  • A person can be euthanized without asking for it if he/she is deemed “incapable of giving consent” (whatever that means) so long as he/she provided consent at some time in the past – even if it was years ago and even if there might have been a change of heart. Section 241.2(3.2)
  • A person must not be euthanized if he/she demonstrates “by words, sounds or gestures” that he/she does not want a lethal drug. However, if the “words, sounds or gestures” are deemed “involuntary” (whatever that means), the person can still be euthanized. Section 241.2(3.3)
  • A person cannot be euthanized for a specific “mental illness”, but he/she may be euthanized if his/her “psychological suffering” is “intolerable to them” (whatever that means). Section 241.2(2)(c).
  • A person only needs to be “informed of the means available to relieve their suffering, including, where appropriate, counselling services, mental health and disability support services, community services and palliative care.” However, he/she does not actually have to try out any of those life-affirming services before being euthanized. Section 241.2(3.1)(g).

Suffice it to say, there are enough legal loopholes in Bill C-7 to drive a tractor trailer through! This legislation, if allowed to pass, will result in people being euthanized without giving final consent. It will result in people being pushed into euthanasia. It will result in people missing the benefits of life-affirming options. In addition, the inherent value and dignity of all human life will be diminished all the more in our hospitals, among our doctors and nurses, and in society at large.

As I predicted in an article I wrote a few months ago in Our Sunday Visitor magazine, this is nothing more than a stepping stone on the way to euthanasia on demand. Like abortion on demand, we will soon have euthanasia on demand – at any time, for any reason, or for no reason at all. This is exactly where Mr. Trudeau and Mr. Lametti are taking us – and we have to stop them before it’s too late!

Therefore, I am asking you to join us in signing our latest petition to ALL Members of Parliament, asking them to categorically oppose Bill C-7. We want to send a clear message that euthanasia is absolutely unacceptable – and its expansion is unconscionable and evil.

Will you help us by signing and sharing this important petition today?

May the Lord bless our efforts to preserve and protect the right to life for all Canadians – from conception to natural death.

Yours for Life,

David Cooke

David Cooke
National Campaigns Manager
Campaign Life Coalition

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