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I Don't Want a Death Doctor!

Imagine you had no choice but to see a doctor who regularly dispenses lethal injections to vulnerable seniors and the disabled? Imagine your only option for treatment was a professional murderer who firmly believes that killing the sick is “good medicine”? How would you feel about trusting a physician like that with your health? Could you count on him to work his hardest in your hour of need – or when your condition overwhelms you with feelings of hopelessness and depression?

These are important questions to ask – especially in a day when doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and all manner of medical workers are being compelled to set aside their traditional ethics and the Hippocratic Oath in order to do the bidding of the political left.

I Don't Want a Death Doctor!

It is hard to recall a time when there was so much pressure on our health care workers to play God, deny their conscience, and hasten the demise of their patients!


Evidently, it is not enough that euthanasia is legal and all-too-readily available across our country. It is not enough that over 5,000 Canadians a year are accessing this so-called “MAiD service”. No! Powerful voices in the culture of death insist that every single health care worker in every single clinic, hospital, and pharmacy must participate in this “killing service”.

Our once-venerable health care institutions are being utterly perverted. They are being transformed from places of healing into cost-efficient killing centres.

The so-called “right to access” is absolute, according to many of our leftist ruling elites. Convenience has become a greater virtue than conscience in our “progressive” society. In reality, though, what is labelled “progressive” by the left is truly regressive, as they embrace a practice that was characteristic of the ancient, pagan Greco-Roman Empire: euthanasia killing.

Back in May of 2019, an Ontario Superior Court upheld a tyrannical policy crafted by the College of Physicians and Surgeons back in 2016 (when euthanasia was first legalized). That policy forces doctors in that province to either directly commit or indirectly facilitate medical murder – whether by euthanasia or abortion.

At first glance, the judges’ ruling exhibits a modicum of logic. They state: “physicians are required to place the interests of their patients ahead of their own personal interests in the event of a conflict.” That doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

It may not sound bad, but it is a twisted logic!

What if a patient wants something unhealthy or harmful? What if a patient’s interests are misguided or medically unnecessary? What if a patient doesn’t understand what he or she needs? What if a patient’s emotions are clouding his or her judgement?

Doctors who reject euthanasia insist that this “procedure” has nothing to do with medicine – and it is NOT in their patients’ best interests. They believe that “MAiD” serves no human good whatsoever. They believe their patients deserve better.

But many on the political left are determined to command our medical professionals: Thou SHALT kill!


In light of the 2019 Ontario court ruling, and given the imminent passage of Bill C-7 (Trudeau’s euthanasia expansion bill), many concerned individuals, including some virtuous political leaders, are rallying to protect our health care workers and the patients they serve. They want to salvage our healthcare system from total destruction.

Conservative MP Kelly Block (from Carlton Trail-Eagle Creek, Saskatchewan) stepped forward on Feb. 18th to launch a Bill to defend conscientious, pro-life health care professionals. This Bill, known as C-268, is based on now-retired pro-life MP David Anderson’s Bill C-418, which he called the “Protection of Freedom of Conscience Act”.

MP Kelly Block

Ms. Block’s new Bill C-268, which she calls, “An Act to amend the Criminal Code (intimidation of health care professionals)”, will penalize anyone who tries to compel doctors, nurses, pharmacists, or other health care workers to participate in euthanasia – whether directly or indirectly.

As she introduced her Bill in the House of Commons on Feb. 18th, Ms. Block said this: “I have introduced this legislation to ensure in plain language those rights guaranteed to all Canadians in the Charter... It would ensure that medical professionals who choose to not take part in, or refer a patient for, euthanasia or medical assistance in dying would never be forced by violence, threats, coercion or loss of employment to violate the sovereign rights we all enjoy by virtue of our citizenship in this nation.”

This common-sense Bill should be supported by all MPs across all party lines. However, it is very likely that Mr. Trudeau will pressure his Liberal caucus to oppose it. Also, we expect the “death lobby” to attack this Bill in the media.

This is why we need YOU to reach out to your local MPs to urge them to do the right thing regardless of what Mr. Trudeau says. We need a majority of MPs to stand up for our health care workers’ constitutional rights and freedoms – and for the rights of patients to NOT have a death doctor!

Please help us by sending an email or making a phone call today. We have a number of pre-scripted messages ready for you to use.


If you don’t want a death doctor, a death nurse, or a death pharmacist, you need to get your MP to support Bill C-268! If conscientious doctors, nurses, and pharmacists are not protected, they will leave this country for greener pastures – and we will all be left with a health care system that favours killing over caring.

Please help us reach out to our federal MPs today.

Yours for Life,

David Cooke

David Cooke
National Campaigns Manager
Campaign Life Coalition