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Petitions Delivered to Save Our Charities

During the 2021 election, the Trudeau Liberals, who have grown rabidly pro-abortion, vowed to punish Crisis Pregnancy Centres and other pro-life charities by denying them official charitable status. Mr. Trudeau took the first step forward along this line in December by directing Deputy Prime Minister, Chrystia Freeland, to “introduce amendments to the Income Tax Act to make anti-abortion organizations... ineligible for charitable status” alleging they “provide dishonest counselling to pregnant women.”

In response to these slanderous claims, we launched a petition to save our Canadian Crisis Pregnancy Centres and pro-life charities. These caring and compassionate organizations, run primarily by local volunteers, provide resources, support, supplies, information, and options to women and families facing an unexpected or challenging pregnancy. According to Pregnancy Care Canada, over 30,000 individuals accessed help last year from their 80 affiliated Crisis Pregnancy Centres. Over 7,000 clients received material supplies such as diapers, formula, and clothing. Over 600 women requested and received post-abortion support. Countless pre-born lives were saved.

Our petition, which has reached 12,000 signatures, was first brought to the attention of our elected legislators in late November at our “Save Our Charities” rally on Parliament Hill. There, our petition was personally received by pro-life MPs Leslyn Lewis, Cathay Wagantall, and Arnold Viersen, who committed to stand up for pro-life charities and fight Trudeau’s destructive anti-life agenda.

MPs Wagantall and Lewis
Above: MPs Cathay Wagantall & Leslyn Lewis presented with CLC petition

More recently, we have been working hard to print, collate, package, and physically deliver additional copies of our petition to all 338 Members of Parliament. We want to make sure every MP sees every signature and reads every heartfelt comment. We cannot let them ignore our concerns!

Petition Delivery Preparation
Above: Petitions are printed and collated for 338 MPs

One of our Campaign Life Coalition supporters, Mr. Myron Hiebert, helped deliver our “Save Our Charities” petition to his local MP, Mr. Ted Falk, in Provencher, Manitoba. He even recorded a video of his presentation to Mr. Falk, which you can watch below.

MP Ted Falk
Above: MP Ted Falk receives our petition from CLC supporter Myron Hiebert

If you have ever wondered whether signing a Campaign Life Coalition petition makes any impact, let me assure you that it does! When our elected officials and their staff members are confronted by stacks of thousands of signatures from pro-active, pro-life Canadians, they take notice.

MPs know that every signature represents hundreds of other like-minded citizens who may not have signed, but who will make their opinions heard at the ballot-box next election! MPs from every party are paying close attention to our petitions, because they know their job is on the line.

Every signature counts! In fact, I liken each signature to an added prick on our MPs’ consciences. Those pricks are felt, and God can use them to change hearts and minds.

Petition Delivery Preparation
Above: Petitions are packaged and prepared for delivery to each MP

As an added feature of our petition campaign, we offer every supporter the option of having us send a postcard on their behalf to their Member of Parliament. These postcards, with their eye-catching graphics and poignant messages, grab the attention of MPs and their staff members, not to mention the Canada Post employees who deliver them!

This postcard initiative compliments our “Save Our Charities” petition delivery efforts. In total, over 4,245 postcards have been mailed to date. In this way, we are able to double the impact of many of our signers.

Postcards Delivered
Above: 4,245 pro-pregnancy centre postcards have been mailed separately to MPs

I cannot overstate the urgency of our “Save Our Charities” petition campaign, and the importance of adding your name, if you have not done so already. If the Trudeau Liberals succeed in cancelling the charitable status of Canadian Crisis Pregnancy Centres and pro-life organizations, the results will be disastrous.

These charities could be forced to close, and the people they serve will be left without the support they need. Worst of all, thousands of precious pre-born lives, that would otherwise be saved, will be lost to abortion every year.

According to Canadian tax law, any charity that has its charitable status revoked is required to give away all its assets, or else forfeit them to the government. Wouldn’t Trudeau love that! We must not let that happen.

If you have already signed our petition, I want to express our thanks on behalf of the entire Campaign Life Coalition team. With your help, and by God’s grace, we are making a critical impact that is being felt in the offices of 338 Members of Parliament all across this great Dominion! Additionally, if you are able to make a donation to help us continue our efforts, that would be much appreciated.

If Mr. Trudeau succeeds in shutting down our Canadian Crisis Pregnancy Centres and pro-life organizations, how long will it be before he attacks every other charity that takes a pro-life position – including churches, ministries, and Christian schools and colleges. We need to join together and speak up now, while we can!

Yours for Life, 

David Cooke

David Cooke
National Campaigns Manager
Campaign Life Coalition