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Candidates talk up abortion, family & faith

Well, the three new pro-life entrants into the CPC leadership race are shaking up the campaign by boldly proclaiming their pro-life, pro-family and pro-faith convictions!

This is very good. And so very necessary.

Canadians need to hear about these moral issues constantly

Canadians must get used to hearing politicians talk about their profound belief in the right to life of unborn children, the rights of parents to raise their children according to their values, and about the Christian foundations of our democracy.

Watch these video clips where Joseph Bourgault, MP Marc Dalton and Grant Abraham openly shared their pro-life, pro-family and pro-faith convictions in media interviews and a campaign video.

Joseph Bourgault: “Let’s create a “Pro-life Culture”!

Watch Joseph’s pro-life campaign video:


Marc Dalton: on his pro-life beliefs & cancel culture

Watch him unapologetically share his belief in the sanctity of life:


Grant Abraham: on Bill C-4; Canada’s Judaeo-Christian roots

Watch Grant talk about the anti-family Bill C-4, and his call for Canada to return to its Judaeo-Christian foundations:

Leslyn Lewis is also a pro-life candidate we've endorsed, but the reason I'm focusing on these three gentlemen right now is because, unlike Dr. Lewis, they haven't yet raised their $300,000 entrance fee plus 500 signatures to get onto the final ballot and the debate stage. 

They'll be eliminated from the race if they don't meet these goals by April 29th.

Do you agree with me that it would strengthen the pro-life, pro-family cause if these three candidates were in the Conservative Leadership debates, and putting forward their values and policies?

Do you agree that their presence in the debates would help influence the party in a more socially conservative direction? (Note: vote-splitting is not a concern because this leadership election will use a preferential ballot in which voters can rank their #1, #2, #3 choice, etc.)

Do you agree with me that these men (as well as Leslyn Lewis) would be the kind of Prime Minister Canada needs?

If your answer to these questions is YES, then please make a donation to their campaigns right now, to ensure they raise the $300,000 fee by April 29th.

Donate to Joseph Bourgault:

Donate to Marc Dalton: click here

Donate to Grant Abraham: click here

If you happen to be a paid-up Conservative Party member, please also sign their nomination forms:

Sign for Joseph Bourgault:  click here 

Sign for Marc Dalton: click here 

Sign for Grant Abraham: click here 

Note: Only those who've been Conservative Party members for at least 21 days are permitted to sign. 

Please do me a favor and copy Campaign Life Coalition at [email protected] when you email your forms to the candidates. That’ll help us keep track of how close they are to their fundraising and signature goals.

Thanks in advance for helping us towards the goal of electing a pro-life, pro-family and pro-faith future Prime Minister!

By the way, if you’re not currently a Conservative Party member but want to be able to vote for a pro-life, pro-family Leader of the CPC, please become a voting member at the party website, here. Shoot us an email afterwards to let us know you joined or renewed.