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BREAKING: Candidate unveils blockbuster so-con policy platform

With just two days left before some candidates in the race for leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada will be eliminated for not meeting the fundraising and signature threshold, the race has become a lot more interesting!

British Columbia MP Marc Dalton has just published a powerful set of pro-life, pro-family & pro-religious freedom policies that, if he wins the race, he’ll pursue as Leader of the Opposition, and then as Prime Minister if he goes on to defeat Justin Trudeau.

Above: MP Marc Dalton, CPC leadership hopeful

These policy commitments include:

  • Repealing Trudeau’s recent expansion of euthanasia to mentally ill & depressed persons. This will again become illegal so as to protect those who cannot, by definition, give informed consent.
  • Blocking Trudeau’s plan to legalize child euthanasia.
  • Reduce demand for assisted suicide by investing in leading edge palliative care & pain management techniques.
  • Introduce conscience protection legislation for medical professionals within the first year of becoming Prime Minister.
  • Protect traditional hospice centers like the Delta Hospice Society from coercion to euthanize patients.
  • Reduce the number of abortions by establishing a parliamentary committee to study existing legislation and policies in western democracies, for potential application in Canada.
  • Restoring charitable tax status to pro-life Crisis Pregnancy Centers, which Trudeau is moving to strip.
  • Investing $5-million in a National Adoption Awareness campaign to remove the stigma of adoption and promote it as a loving option.
  • Supporting parental rights legislation.
  • Repealing elements of Bill C-4, specifically those which (a) can jail parents up to 5-years if they affirm a gender-confused child in their biological sex; (b) can jail pastors for providing voluntary spiritual counselling; (c) ban consenting adults from accessing voluntary talk therapy from licensed psychologists.
  • Introducing legislation to designate places of worship an “essential service”.
  • Investigate systemic discrimination against Christian couples and those of other faiths, whose applications to adopt children are rejected on the basis of their biblical/religious beliefs. Pass legislation to outlaw this type of systemic discrimination.

You can read his full statement on FacebookTwitter, or our website.

Now you know that Marc Dalton is a principled candidate. A man with moral integrity. The kind we need as Prime Minister.

This is why we need to make sure he’s on the final ballot.

Having him and his policies in the contest will influence the other leadership candidates – and the entire party – in a positive direction, dragging them back from the left where Erin O’Toole took so many of them.

But we’re running out of time.

There are now only 2 days left for Marc to raise the $300,000 entrance fee, or else his voice and this powerful platform will be eliminated from the race. Anybody can donate to his campaign, even if you’re not a Conservative Party member.

Marc also needs to submit 500 signatures from paid-up CPC members.

This is the final stretch.

Please save Marc Dalton’s strong pro-life, pro-family voice from elimination.

Make a tax-deductible donation now of $100, $250 or even $500:

You’ll receive 75% of your political contribution back on next year’s tax return, so a $500 donation really costs you just $125.

If you’re a Conservative Party member, download his nomination form, here, sign it and email it back to him right away at [email protected]. Also copy CLC on your email so we can keep track at [email protected].

Grant & Joseph Also Need Your Help!

In this email, I’m focusing on Marc’s bold so-con platform, but our other pro-life, pro-family candidates, Grant Abraham and Joseph Bourgault, also need help raising their $300K each, and collecting their 500 nomination signatures.

After donating to Marc, would you please make a contribution to Grant and Joseph, too?

Donate to Grant Abraham at this dedicated donation portal here.

Sign Grant’s nomination form (if you’re a CPC Member) by downloading it from here, signing it, and then emailing it back to him at [email protected]. Copy CLC at [email protected] so we can keep track.

Last but not least, please donate to pro-lifer Joseph Bourgault at this dedicated page to help him hit the $300K target by April 29th.

Sign Joseph’s nomination form by clicking here and emailing it back to him at [email protected]. Be sure to copy CLC so we can keep track.

I know that with your help, we can get all three of these God-fearing men on the ballot... and in the debates!