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CANCELLED: billions of $ in abortion funding!

There’s 4 hours left for you to help get the remaining pro-life Conservative leadership candidates across the finish line by helping them to raise $300,000.

Otherwise, they’ll be eliminated from the race.

The deadline is 5:00pm Eastern Time, today!

Grant Abraham is very close, with less than $100K to go.

Jack, why should pro-lifers like you help to push Abraham across the finish line?

I’ll give you three reasons. He just announced his initial pro-life policy platform, and it’s very good! Here’s an excerpt from his public statement which includes three strong policies:

If elected Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, and eventually, Prime Minister, I will implement the following actions and policy changes:

1. Cancel Taxpayer Funding of Abortion in Foreign Countries

Within my first 90 days as Prime Minister, I’ll cancel the Trudeau government’s $700-million annual taxpayer funding of abortions in foreign countries.

This controversial use of scarce taxpayer money is also used for “sexual and reproductive health” activism and “education” programs in Africa and other foreign nations. In some cases, Canadian tax dollars are funding abortions where it is illegal.

I’ll end Justin Trudeau’s progressive virtue signaling with your money. I’ll also conduct a line-by-line review of other wasteful or ideological foreign spending which does not serve Canada’s interests.

2. Legislation to Ban Sex-Selective Abortions

Section 89 of the Conservative Party Policy Declaration states: “We condemn discrimination against girls through gender selection abortions”.

Consistent with my belief that the CPC must start listening to the grassroots, a Grant Abraham government will make this policy, passed by grassroots CPC delegates at a convention, into law. Within the first year, of my government, I will introduce legislation to ban sex-selective abortions.

3. Unborn Victims of Violence Act

Section 112 of the Conservative Party Policy Declaration states: “The Conservative Party supports legislation to ensure that individuals who commit violence against a pregnant woman would face additional charges if her unborn child was killed or injured during the commission of a crime against the mother.”

A Grant Abraham government will honour the voice of grassroots Conservatives who endorsed this policy at a party convention and introduce an Unborn Victims of Violence Act within its first term.

Not only will this provide greater protection in law to pregnant women, it will also bring a greater sense of justice to the grieving victims of violent assault on pregnant women, who desperately want their loss to be acknowledged in law.

Jack, do you agree with me that WE NEED ABRAHAM’S STRONG VOICE in the upcoming leadership debates, and on the final ballot? If so, please donate to his campaign now, at this secure page:

Yesterday, I shared the good news that Joseph Bourgault also paid his full $300K fee and has joined Leslyn Lewis on the final ballot as our second pro-life, pro-family candidate.

Aside from Abraham needing a final push to the goal, our fourth socially conservative candidate, MP Marc Dalton, also needs more help. You should have received an email outlining MP Dalton’s pro-life platform earlier this week.

After contributing to Grant Abraham, would you please also donate to Marc Dalton at his secure donation portal:

Please do me a favour – shoot us an email to let us know how much you donated to each candidate, to [email protected] It’ll help us measure how close we are to the target.

May God richly bless you for any sacrificial gift you can make to help us put these Godly leaders in positions of influence!