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Pro-life Voter’s Guide: 2022 Ontario Municipal Elections

It’s time to take back your school board and city council from the woke leftists who are brainwashing our kids, and abusing their positions of power to promote a culture of death, oppressive censorship rules, and to wage war on our most cherished freedoms and values.

October 24th is E-day in Ontario.

To help pro-life, pro-family and pro-religious freedom voters cast their ballots with an informed conscience, Campaign Life Coalition is pleased to unveil our brand-new website devoted to the municipal elections. is a powerful resource.

By entering your postal code, our site will provide you a list of all the local candidates endorsed by CLC in your area.

That includes for Catholic School Board, Public School Board, City Council, Mayor, and Regional Council elections (where applicable). So far, we’ve green-lit over 200 candidates... and counting!

Alternatively, the Voter Guide empowers you to check out a list of all the CLC-endorsed candidates by level of government. This is a handy feature in case your postal code is not contained in our database. also lays out some of the key issues in municipal politics.

It’s a great item to share with your friends and relatives who never vote municipally because they’re under the impression that school board and city council politics have little to no bearing on their values or daily lives.

The site also features video interviews with interesting candidates at various levels of government.

At the moment, we’re spotlighting a public school trustee candidate in Ottawa, Shannon Bouschy, who has tackled the transgender grooming agenda in our schools head-on.

Armed with data and logic, Bouschy says he's calling out the education system for steering children into a transgender lifestyle with harmful puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and eventually, irreversible sex change surgeries.

Check out that interview, and others as we post them.

If we have not endorsed any candidates in your electoral district owing to a non-response to CLC’s election survey, you can help us out by sending your local candidates the questionnaire yourself. Or, by posing the questions to them when they knock on your door! Then, share the responses with us so we can post it on

Please share this Voter Guide website with all your socially conservative and religious friends, including priests, pastors and influential lay leaders.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to restore sanity and moral values at all levels of government!