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Trudeau's Internet Censorship Bill is Back

It seems like no one is happy with the Internet Censorship Bill. No one except Mr. Trudeau’s ever-shrinking Liberal cheering section.

From tech giants like Google, Twitter, and Microsoft, to individual content creators and YouTubers, to community groups and organizations on every side of the political spectrum, the outcry against this internet take-over scheme has been growing. We at Campaign Life Coalition have been fighting this bill from its beginnings in 2020, knowing it could easily lead to the online silencing of those who oppose Mr. Trudeau’s promotion of abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, and transgenderism.

Thankfully, some of our political leaders are starting to hear our concerns.

After facing months of intense scrutiny and heated debate in the Senate, Bill C-11 has been kicked back to the House of Commons for reconsideration. Senators have added a dozen revisions for Members of Parliament to mull over, based on comments they have heard from the public. Soon the House must consider each of these amendments and hold another vote on this dangerous bill.

That means NOW is the time to contact your MP and politely voice your opposition to a Trudeau-controlled internet.

Some of the most scathing criticism of this bill has come from a surprising source. Mr. David Richards, a Liberal-appointed Senator from New Brunswick, has become one of Bill C-11’s harshest critics.

In a speech from a couple weeks ago, Senator Richards made these startling comments, comparing the bill to Nazism: “The idea of any hierarchical politico deciding what a man or woman is allowed to write to fit a proscribed national agenda is a horrid thing. I am wondering if anyone on the staff of our Minister of Canadian Heritage understands this. In Germany, it was called the National Ministry for Public Enlightenment, and every radio was run by Joseph Goebbels — complete ideological manipulation in the name of national purity.”

Above: Goebbels’ control of the airwaves allowed for Nazi manipulation of the German people.

Under Bill C-11, everything you watch, listen to, and post on the internet within Canada will be controlled and regulated by the CRTC – a government agency tasked with carrying out government policy. Freedom of speech and the free exchange of ideas will be no more. Soon you will only see what the government wants you to see online.

Former CRTC commissioner, Mr. Peter Menzies, has warned that “granting a government agency authority over legal user generated content — particularly when backed up by the government’s musings about taking down websites — doesn’t just infringe on free expression, it constitutes a full-blown assault upon it and, through it, the foundations of democracy.”

This is why Bill C-11 must be stopped!

If this Internet Censorship Bill passes, the days of a free, open, and accessible internet will be over in Canada. And for those of us seeking justice for the unborn, the protection of the elderly and disabled, and the defence of marriage, we could be shut out of the Canadian internet.

Even if you have already spoken to your MP about Bill C-11 before, it is important to re-state your opposition as soon as possible. It will be facing a vote in the House of Commons in the coming weeks.

Please send an Action Alert Email to your MP today. We have a number of pre-scripted suggestions that you can use, or simply write your own note.

Be sure to add your voice to the growing outcry against a Trudeau-controlled internet!

You can urge your MP to oppose Bill C-11 here: