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Ex-Trans Sues Over Sex-Change

I want to tell you about a brave ex-trans named Michelle Zacchigna, from Orillia, Ontario.

This is one story you will not hear in the mainstream media. It just doesn’t fit with the LGBT false-narrative flooding the airwaves and infiltrating our educational and political institutions. Nevertheless, this story reflects the experience of thousands who have been misled by the lie of gender theory and maimed by the barbarous sex-change practices spawned by that lie.

During a time in her young life when she was experiencing depression and anxiety, Michelle turned to an online community for support at age 21. In that virtual community, the idea of “transitioning” to the opposite sex was planted in her mind as the “solution”. Prior to this, Michelle had never experienced any feelings of gender dysphoria and never before questioned the body God had given her.

However, because of what she was hearing from those pro-transgender voices online, she began to pursue a “transition” to the opposite sex. In fact, many young adults, youth, and children today are being caught up in the “transgender fad” and are believing the lie that they can “choose their own gender.” Some transgender leaders are even admitting this has become a social contagion.

When Michelle approached doctors with the idea in 2010, instead of questioning her irrational thinking, analyzing her mental state, or offering her alternative options, the so-called “experts” simply affirmed Michelle in her desire to be a man. They allowed her to self-diagnose her “condition” and set her on a path of mutilation and regret.

First, the doctors put her on artificial hormones that permanently changed her voice and body. Then, they surgically removed her breasts, trying to make her look more like a man. Finally, they cut out her uterus, rendering her unable to bear children.

And all this was paid for by you and me – under Canada’s public healthcare system.

Years later, at age 34, Michelle has now come to her senses. She is pursuing legal action against the medical establishment that mutilated her body and failed to diagnose her true condition – which was mental and psychological.

The lawsuit states: “all the defendants failed to address her serious mental health issues and developmental disabilities and instead only offered her irreversible medical interventions. She alleges that her desire to become transgender was never challenged, and alternative treatment options were never offered.”

Michelle feels devastated and angry over what happened to her. She says, “Some days, the pain of what I’ve done to myself is overwhelming. I cry and I can’t stop. Other days, I’m angry that I wasn’t screened for the diagnoses I later received before I was prescribed hormones.”

Michelle is pursuing legal action not only for herself, but to try to change the system. Far too quickly people are pushed into irreversible sex-change procedures without being offered any alternatives. In fact, under the Trudeau government’s Bill C-4, which came into effect last year, it is now illegal to offer reparative therapy – or even biblical counselling – that aims to help people accept the body God gave them.

In response to the growing devastation caused by transgenderism, especially among young people, we are encouraging everyone to sign our petition to ban child sex-change in Canada.

We have gathered nearly 6,000 signatures on this petition so far, but we believe there are many more Canadians who will want to sign it. Canadians care about kids.

Please take a moment to sign our petition and share it with your friends and family. This petition is being brought to the attention of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, as well as all the provincial and territorial Premiers, who have jurisdiction over healthcare. We are demanding our elected representatives put an end to the gruesome practice of child sex-change, banning the use of drugs and surgeries to artificially “transition” minors to appear like the opposite sex.

Such a ban would not have prevented Michelle from accessing sex-change treatments at age 21, but it would have served as a warning to doctors to be more diligent when prescribing these treatments to patients of any age. Michelle might have been spared a lifetime of regret and loss!

Thank you for helping us defend our nation’s children and youth from the growing threats to their lives, health, and safety. Your signature and support make a big difference! God bless.

Sign the petition to ban child sex-change here: