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Five Days Left to Recall BC Premier

There are only five days left to recall Premier David Eby. If you are a resident of the riding of Vancouver-Point Grey, this is your last chance to sign the recall petition. If you are not a resident, but know someone who might be, please get the word out today!

Premier Eby, together with Health Minister Adrian Dix, have devised an insidious scheme to take control of your healthcare, medical treatment options, and personal medical choices. You can tell them “NO!” by demanding a recall.

Bill 36, which the Eby government rushed through the BC Legislature last November, creates sweeping changes that will politicize the entire provincial healthcare system. Here are just a few of those changes:

  • The 15 existing independent medical Colleges will be restructured into 6 government-controlled boards.
  • New, unelected political appointees will head up these boards and dictate terms to all the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, and other healthcare professionals under them.
  • Because these new board leaders will be appointed by the NDP government, they will be beholden to David Eby and his political agenda. (It is safe to assume that these appointees will share the socialist NDP’s support for abortion, euthanasia, LGBT ideology, and the NDP’s demonstrable contempt for Christianity and free speech.)
  • The boards must begin disciplining healthcare workers for the newly created offence of “misinformation”, with fines up to $200,000 and possible imprisonment for up to six months.
  • What constitutes “misinformation” will be determined by the government and board leaders, according to whatever suits their political agenda.
  • A “woke agenda” will be imposed upon all healthcare professionals, requiring them to “take anti-discrimination measures”. This will force them to give priority to so-called “LGBT healthcare”.

Under these radical changes, we expect conscientious healthcare professionals to be impacted the most.

If a doctor or nurse counsels a patient against abortion or euthanasia (so-called “medical assistance in dying”) – if he or she suggests that these “procedures” are actually forms of murder – that doctor or nurse might face discipline for providing “false or misleading information to patients or the public” (Section 70, Bill 36). A pharmacist might face the same fate for daring to inform a customer about an abortifacient drug or an abortion-tainted vaccine.

If a surgeon refuses to perform elective mastectomies or hysterectomies on gender-confused women and girls, but expresses the opinion that such procedures are butchery instead of healthcare, he or she could be accused of transphobic “discrimination” and be kicked out of the profession (Section 72, Bill 36).

Bill 36 will totally corrupt and politicize the time-honoured practice of independent medicine in BC. It inserts the government into that trusted doctor-patient relationship so that, as a patient, you will never be sure if your doctor is giving you objective advice or merely parroting the party line from the NDP Ministry of Health.

Bill 36 will also prevent medical professionals from speaking out against harmful and unethical practices if those practices are being pushed by the government. Instead, it will coerce healthcare workers to promote and refer for abortion, euthanasia, sex-change treatments, and abortion-tainted vaccines.

Although Bill 36 was slipped through last November and has already passed into law, we can still work to stop its implementation and reverse-course by recalling Premier Eby.

If you do not want the medical profession to become a mere mouthpiece for the NDP government and an instrument of political coercion, it is imperative that you sign and share the recall petition today. There are only five days left to gather the number of signatures required by law.

Please help us, God willing, to send Premier Eby packing!

Find out how to sign the petition to recall Premier David Eby here: