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Assisted Suicide is Not Health Care

When I recently spoke at a church in New Brunswick, one of the members was shocked to learn about legal euthanasia. This individual could not believe that our doctors and nurses are permitted to administer lethal injections to “eligible patients”.

I wonder how many more Canadians are unaware of Mr. Trudeau’s ever-expanding euthanasia protocol, which is deceptively named “MAiD” (or Medical Assistance in Dying).

And if more people knew about it, would they act to stop it?

I want to remind you that there is a piece of legislation that could put the brakes on Trudeau’s runaway euthanasia train. Conservative MP Ed Fast has brought forward a private member’s bill called the “mental health protection act”, or Bill C-314.

We have created a short video to explain this good legislation, which you can watch and share on social media. We hope it will encourage more Canadians to act by contacting their MPs and urging them to support it.

Video in support of Bill C-314

We know that a lot of people with mental illness struggle with despair, suicidal ideation, and negative self-image. We know they can suffer an awful lot. In fact, I have experienced this firsthand, as I grappled with depression over the years. But providing assisted suicide to those with troubled minds is never the answer! With God’s help, healing is possible and mental illness can be treated.

Death is NOT a treatment! Murder is NOT medicine.

Mr. Trudeau and his Justice Minister, David Lametti, claim that euthanasia is all about human rights. But how can one human ever have the right to kill another innocent human? Even with consent, murder is murder – and murder is wrong! Besides, how can a person with mental illness even give consent?

Our focus needs to be on treating and caring for those who are suffering among us. Unlike brute beasts, we don’t kill off our weaker brothers and sisters! We must respect our fellow man, created in God’s image, possessed of the right to life, and equal in dignity, value, and worth up to his natural end.

We don’t give up on hurting souls. We don’t stand by and let them take their own life. And we certainly don’t do the killing for them!

Holy Scripture makes it crystal clear: “Comfort the fainthearted, uphold the weak, be patient with all. See that no one renders evil for evil to anyone, but always pursue what is good both for yourselves and for all.” (1 Thessalonians 5:14,15).

Pursuing what is good for those with mental illness means pursuing life, health, and healing. That’s exactly what Bill C-314 is all about! The “mental health protection act” will save hurting Canadians from the evil of euthanasia by excluding all mental disorders from Trudeau’s “MAiD service” protocol.

After you have watched and shared our video, please be sure to visit the link:

There you can send an Action Alert Email or make an Action Alert Phone Call to urge your local Member of Parliament to save mentally ill Canadians from assisted suicide. A number of pre-scripted messages are provided, or you can craft your own.

Mr. Trudeau has made his views known: In his mind, those who are depressed and disturbed are a “killable class” of Canadians. They are lives unworthy of the protections enjoyed by the rest of us.

Let’s make sure this devilish lie is stricken from Canadian Law. Help us get Bill C-314 passed!