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VICTORY! Wendy Ashby has resigned!

Dear Friend,

She's finally gone!

After ongoing protests by concerned parents, Wendy Ashby, the Waterloo Catholic District School Board Trustee who unleashed hateful and bigoted tweets against Christians and the Catholic Church, has finally done the right thing and resigned!


CLC is delighted by this result, which demonstrates the effectiveness of principled protest by responsible parents and other fair-minded citizens.

We thank the 3,151 supporters who signed our petition, which helped to put pressure on Ms. Ashby to finally resign! We also thank the CLC supporters who courageously delegated to the WCDSB Trustees, or who attended the protests at the Board office!

Nevertheless, we are saddened by the defiant tone of Ms. Ashby's resignation statement, which continues to demonstrate just how much she abhors the teaching of the Catholic Church and Christian morality, and how profoundly delusional her view of human sexuality has become, which she herself summarizes by her subservient use of the LGBT propaganda slogan "diversity, equity, and inclusion".

Below is Wendy Ashby's fulminating, unapologetic resignation statement:

Diverse voices, when elected, come with truth and history. Expecting these voices to assimilate because the historical truth they challenge makes some uncomfortable is something that should be reflected on. There is no easy way to have these tough conversations. The outrageous rage baiting campaign that has been playing out illustrates the exact kind of harassment and online bullying that so many kids experience. What is even more troubling is that this behaviour is coming from adults. Most are from outside interest groups who have their own agenda This noise distracts from the important work that is being done to further diversity equity and inclusion at the Waterloo Catholic District School Board. The willingness of this board to lead in these areas is why I chose to be a part of this in the first place and why I so strongly support Catholic Education.

I have been encouraged to continue the internal process and remain in my duly elected seat by so many. I appreciate the support, it was overwhelming, and I know that most understand the historical context to which I was referring. However, I have decided to vacate my seat at this time, so that we can all return our focus back on the important work that we have dedicated ourselves to doing. I stand, as always with our Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, and the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. Particularly with transgender and nonbinary folks at this time of great uncertainty and fear. I will be continuing my advocacy in a capacity where I will be able to challenge tough issues and bring lasting change in a way that is positive and meaningful. I hope that one day advocacy for these groups will no longer be considered an act of bravery.

Sadly, there is no contrition from Ms. Ashby here, nor a desire to be conformed to Church's moral doctrine, but only an implied threat to continue working by whatever means to undermine authentic Catholic Church teaching.

Perhaps the gravest threat in her resignation statement is her vow to keep pushing for the sexual mutilation of children under the veil of "transgender and nonbinary" propaganda -- truly, a sign of the cruel insanity that befalls people when they turn their back on the Law of God.

WCDSB seeks to appoint Ashby's replacement

We have been hearing that the current Board of Trustees plans to “appoint” someone to replace Ashby. This is worrisome because this very same Board has been protecting Ashby all this time from any censure for her deplorable tweets.

As a result, we don’t want those with a bias in favour of Ashby or her anti-Catholic positions to be the ones selecting the next trustee for Kitchener / Wilmot.

CLC believes strongly that a by-election should be held in the interest of ensuring that parents are properly and democratically represented in electing Ms. Ashby's replacement trustee.

Below is a list of contact information for the current WCDSB Trustees. If you live within the boundaries of the WCDSB, please contact them and request that a by-election be called to elect a trustee to replace Wendy Ashby:

Cambridge / North Dumfries

David Guerin
(519) 578-3660 Ext. 2162
[email protected]

Marisa Phillips
(519) 578-3660 Ext. 2166
[email protected]

Bob Sikora
(519) 578-3660 Ext. 2164
[email protected]

Kitchener / Wilmot

Kathy Doherty-Masters
(Vice-Chair of the Board)
(519) 578-3660 Ext. 2156
[email protected]

Renee Kraft
[email protected]

Tracey Weiler
(Chair of the Board)
519-578-3677 Ext. 2131
[email protected]

Waterloo / Wellesley / Woolwich

Sally Fuentes
(519) 578-3660 Ext. 2158
[email protected]

Linda Cuff
(519) 578-3660 Ext. 2168
[email protected]


For life, faith & family,


Jeff Gunnarson
National President
Campaign Life Coalition

P.S. Please remember to pray for Wendy Ashby's conversion, for she is fighting against the God who loves her and gave his life as a ransom to save her and all of us.