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Blaine Higgs Faces a Battle

Premier Blaine Higgs has a real battle on his hands. The woke mob is at his throat. The media is lambasting him. Even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has taken a swing at him, calling him a “far-right political actor” and accusing him of targeting so-called “trans kids”.

And what was Mr. Higgs’ crime, pray tell?

He dared to take a stand for parents and families by making some modest changes to Policy 713, an educational protocol that sets out how schools are to deal with gender-confused students.

Premier Blaine Higgs

As originally written, Policy 713 was a nightmare for many students and parents, but a dream-come-true for LGBT activists. It allowed the activists to call the shots in New Brunswick’s public schools and force our children to undergo an abusive social re-engineering scheme.

Under that scheme, girls were forced to share their washrooms and changerooms with boys who claimed to be “trans girls”. Girls’ sports teams were also forced to accept male athletes if they claimed to be transgender. And if there were any overnight field trips, males “should have access to” female-only accommodations, if they identified as “trans”.

It was a recipe for disaster that denied biological boys and girls their basic human rights and God-given dignity. Woke identity politics and delusional gender ideology trumped reality.

Under that policy, a child’s “preferred first name and pronoun(s)” would be self-determined. In other words, every child would be encouraged to name themselves and tell others how to address them. Can you imagine anything crazier?

Parental input and consent would not be required, enabling some children to lead a schizophrenic “double life”. These confused and groomed children could take on one identity at school and another at home, without their family being notified. The policy actually forced teachers to keep a student’s self-identification a secret from his or her parents, unless the child consented.

Mr. Higgs wisely saw the need to review this atrocious and abusive policy and, after duly consulting with parents, students, teachers, and other stakeholders, his government came out with some modest revisions, which take effect July 1. These revisions are summarized below:

#1. Gender-confused students under the age of 16 will be prohibited from changing their names and pronouns without parental consent. Parents will no longer be kept in the dark. Their authority must now be respected.

#2. Sports teams will no longer be required to accept opposite-sex athletes who are gender-confused. However, the wording in this revision is ambiguous and open to interpretation.

#3. Schools must provide at least one private universal washroom and “private universal changing areas”. While gender-confused males will still have access to group facilities for girls, this revision will allow girls to have access to a safe, private space in every school.

While we, at Campaign Life Coalition, would like to see the entirety of Policy 713 rejected and all LGBT grooming ended in New Brunswick’s public education system, we are happy to see Mr. Higgs take a step in the right direction.

In response to criticism from the prime minister over these revisions, Mr. Higgs retorted, “It’s unfortunate the prime minister wouldn’t look at the big picture and understand that parents play a role in a child’s upbringing.”

To Mr. Higgs’ credit, he has even said he would go to the mat for these revisions – he is willing to face an election over this issue, if it comes to that. And with a small number of his own party’s MLAs expressing dissatisfaction over the revisions, an election is quite possible.

It is critically important that every New Brunswick MLA hear from their constituents right now, so they can understand the broad support Mr. Higgs has for his government’s revisions.

According to a recent poll cited in the Telegraph-Journal, 57% of Canadians agree that parents should be told about their child’s gender confusion at school. Only 18% take the radical position of Mr. Trudeau and woke LGBT lobbyists, who believe schools should not tell parents about their child’s gender confusion. That is a very small, radical group.

For the sake of our province’s children, parents, and families, please take a moment to use our Action Alert tool to send an email or make a phone call to your local MLA. We will connect you and give you the words you can use in your conversation with him or her.

And remember, we are not only holding our MLAs accountable to “we the people”, but to the standards and precepts of Almighty God! As our Lord Jesus has warned: “But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” (Matthew 18:6). Let’s take up our responsibility to call our leaders to account. Send an Action Alert Email today.

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