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Making Ontario an LGBT Dictatorship

With all the recent “pride” celebrations across Canada this June, our society has descended to new depths of degeneracy.

Nudity, simulated sex acts, blasphemous depictions of Christ, and the promotion of Satanism are now common occurrences.

In Toronto’s “pride” parade on Sunday, a group of fully naked men walked down Church Street carrying rainbow signs. Other participants donned “furry” and “puppy play” fetish gear. Drag queens were also on hand.

All this took place in the presence and before the eyes of young children.

Toronto Gay Pride 2023
Above: Toronto Homosexual Pride Parade / Source: The Post Millennial

The demands of the LGBT movement have grown like a stage four cancer. They no longer call for mere tolerance, but they want their vile practices and twisted thinking to be endorsed and even celebrated by everyone, starting with our youngest children.

In fact, they are now clamouring for the criminalization of their critics!

Here in Ontario, Ms. Kristyn Wong-Tam, an NDP MPP who absurdly defines herself as “non-binary” and “they/them”, has introduced Bill 94, the Drag Queen Bubble Zone Act. This act, if passed into law, will treat concerned Ontario citizens and parents as criminals.

Bill 94 destroys freedom of speech and freedom of assembly in Ontario. It will create large 100-metre censorship zones surrounding drag queen story hours, gay pride parades, and transgender-promoting events and gatherings all over the province, wherever and whenever the Attorney General arbitrarily decides.

In principle, this law could also be applied to publicly-funded schools, since they routinely promote LGBT indoctrination.

If you dare to enter these proposed censorship zones to stand up against the grooming of our children, to speak out against boys in girls’ changerooms, or to be a witness for the truth of God’s Word, you could face a fine of up to $25,000.

“Making offensive remarks…with respect to matters of social orientation or gender roles” within the new zones will become a crime. It will also be illegal to “engag[e] in a protest or demonstration” deemed “homophobic” or “transphobic” within the zones. This bill turns Ontario into a type of LGBT dictatorship.

And if you think Premier Doug Ford and his Conservative government will fight this NDP-backed bill, I am telling you they won’t – not unless we hold their feet to the fire. We need to demand they defeat this police-state-style censorship law if they want to have any chance at re-election.

Premier Doug Ford at a 2022 Gay Pride Parade
Above: Premier Doug Ford in a 2022 pride parade / Source: CTV

Consider how Mr. Ford’s government has treated Bill Whatcott, a Christian activist who was arrested for handing out Gospel literature at Toronto’s “pride” parade back in 2016. Not only was Bill put on trial under Mr. Ford’s watch, but after the judge found him not-guilty, the Ford government took the extraordinary step of appealing the verdict and forcing Bill back into court last week. (The results of that second trial are expected by the end of the year).

Also, Mr. Ford has made no effort whatsoever to repeal the Wynne-era Abortuary Bubble Zone Act, which forbids peaceful protests, sidewalk counselling, and even mere conversations that express objections to abortion within 50 metres of every abortion clinic across the province.

Clearly, Doug Ford is not a friend of the pro-life and pro-family community. He is not on the side of concerned, traditional-minded parents and citizens. He is like a reed shaken by the prevailing political winds of our day.

Let’s take a moment to rattle that reed – and all the reeds in the Legislature – by sending an Action Alert Email to your local MPP. These messages carry quite an impact, forcing our elected representatives to think twice before bowing before the demands of the LGBT lobby.

We have prepared some sample messages you can send, or you can choose to write your own. All it takes is a minute or two of your time. Send your MPP an Action Alert Email right now: