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Bestiality and Pedophilia Beyond the Pale?

Mike Del Grande, a Toronto Catholic District School Board Trustee, is being persecuted by the LGBT lobby and the anti-Catholic trustees on his own board.

ABOVE: Toronto Catholic District School Board Trustee
Mike Del Grande.

What did he do to draw the rainbow mob’s ire?

Motivated by his Catholic faith, Trustee Del Grande dared to oppose the addition of “Gender Identity” and “Gender Expression” to the school board’s Code of Conduct as “protected grounds from discrimination”. Two additional terms, “Family status” and “Marital Status” were also to be added.

His LGBT persecutors dragged his good name through the mud in the nation’s press, accusing him of being the worst kind of human being in every major newspaper, TV news program, and radio show.

They banned him from membership on school board committees, ordered him to attend an LGBT re-education camp, and demanded he apologize to the LGBTTIQ2S+ community for offending them. On principle, he has refused and is fighting all these sanctions in court.

Mike will not grovel.

He will not bend the knee.

He will not renounce his faith.

Additionally, a pro-LGBT activist filed a complaint with the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) to attempt to revoke Mike's teacher’s license, something that’s totally unrelated to his job as an elected school trustee. Mike also has a lawyer defending him at the OCT where he has already had six days of hearings, and the next one is scheduled for July 19th.

In short, the LGBT bullies seek the total destruction of Mike Del Grande.

I believe this is to make an example of him to other Trustees across Canada. “Don’t you dare oppose our agenda, or this’ll happen to you, too”, is the chill they want to set in across Canadian school boards.

LGBT Mode of Attack: Mentioning pedophilia & bestiality was beyond the pale. You must suffer!

The LGBT lobby knew that to succeed in destroying an elected trustee and even revoking his teacher’s license, it needed a stronger attack than to merely say that his stubborn defense of Catholic moral teaching was “transphobic”. After all, the TCDSB is a religious, faith-based school with constitutional protections.

So, the clever activists invented another narrative with which to hang him. One that was more emotion-triggering.

They developed the argument that Trustee Del Grande’s “slippery slope” amendment to the Gender Ideology motion was “beyond the pale” of professionalism. It was so ludicrous and beyond the realm of possibilities, they claimed, that it couldn’t possibly be considered a valid debating technique. And therefore, it could only have been intended to vilify and harm transgenders and homosexuals.

You see, before the vote to add the gender ideology terms, Del Grande moved an amendment to add several other sexual sins as protected grounds, along with the “Gender Identity” and “Gender Expression” terms that some of his colleagues proposed to add.

These included bestiality, pedophilia, auto-vampirism (deriving sexual arousal from drinking your own blood), among others. His goal was to shake his colleagues so that they might awaken from their moral stupor and realize that it’s not appropriate to embrace any sin within the TCDSB’s Code of Conduct.

“Jesus loves all these people! All these poor people are children of God, created in the image of God, and they need to be recognized! God made them all.”, Del Grande mock-pleaded to his colleagues!

“The point I wanted to make was that you wanted to add four terms and my concern was, why stop at the four terms? Because it doesn’t cover everybody!”

At another point, Del Grande added: “This is how slippery it's going to get”, to warn that if the board embraces transgender ideology today, then activists for some of these other sexual preferences might come along demanding “protection from discrimination” in the future as well.

Well, the woke Director of Education, Rory McGuckin, immediately shot up and claimed it wasn’t a valid argument and the amendment couldn’t be considered by trustees because some of the sexual preferences proposed to be added were currently illegal. From the Director:

“I am informing that even considering these terms, many of them which are criminal, and would result in criminal charges, for us to be considering these as part of the Act, is something that would need to be brought to the Ministry of Education”.

Mike’s amendment was then ruled out of order, and no further debate on the slippery slope was permitted. The vote on adding “Gender Identity” and “Gender Expression” took place and was passed, to the chagrin of faithful Catholic parents who oppose transgender ideology.

But right now, the Ontario College of Teachers' lawyers are still trying to strip Del Grande of his teaching license over the fact that he dared to mention “pedophilia” and “bestiality” in an amendment that dealt with Gender Identity.

The wokest TCDSB Trustee, Markus de Domenico, was a star witness for the prosecution.

ABOVE: Toronto Catholic District School Board Trustee
Markus de Domenico.

At the recent April 11th hearing date, he pursued this same strategy, condemning Del Grande for daring to mention these sexual deviancies in a debate focused on Gender Identity and Gender Expression. De Domenico said during the hearing:

“He’s doing it in a way to make a mockery. People who are trans or in a same-sex marriage are legal. Bestiality is illegal. Pedophilia is illegal.” (emphasis added)

What de Domenico tried to do was poison the judges against Del Grande by leading them to believe that he was accusing LGBT-identifying persons of being pedophiles and practitioners of bestiality. This was the same tactic that the LGBT mob had used to drag Mike's name through the mud, slandering him in the press for months.

However, the truth is that Mike made no such comparison, a fact which his lawyer, Dr Charles Lugosi, excoriated de Domenico over during cross-examination, accusing the latter of misleading the panel about what Mike actually said.

Trustee Del Grande simply used a common, debating technique, that of a slippery slope, to warn that the consequences of embracing one particular sinful sexual lifestyle today (i.e. transgenderism) may be the emergence of a future expectation to approve of other sexual sins, like pedophilia, should they become normalized in the future.

Amendment was NOT beyond the pale. Bestiality is mostly legal while efforts being made to legalize pedophilia.

In fact, the whole “beyond the pale” narrative being used to attack Del Grande is a sham. In reality, his warning was prudent and prescient.

For example, is bestiality really illegal in Canada? Actually no, it isn’t.

Most Canadians are unaware (because the media kept it quiet) that in 2016 the Supreme Court of Canada issued a radical ruling which legalized most sexual acts with animals, except those involving penetration. The decision came in an appeal made by a BC man who had sexually abused his stepdaughters, and he was also charged with one count of bestiality. The latter charge was struck down in the landmark ruling, to legalize many forms of human-animal sex.

ABOVE: UK news report on shocking Supreme Court of Canada ruling.

So much for de Domenico’s feigned outrage against Del Grande. Remember his self-righteous, “Bestiality is illegal!” remark?

How about pedophilia? Is it still illegal?

For the moment yes, but it’s clear that far-left sexual revolutionaries have this as their next goal for conquest, i.e. normalizing and legalizing “intergenerational sex”. They are ramping up their efforts to present pedophilia as just another “sexual orientation” that people are born with, that can’t be helped, and in that sense, is natural and shouldn’t be “stigmatized” or vilified.

In fact, the United Nations published a shocking report on March 8, 2023, to coincide with International Women’s Day, which called for normalizing sex with minors. From the report:

“Sexual conduct involving persons below the domestically prescribed minimum age of consent to sex may be consensual in fact, if not in law."

"In this context, the enforcement of criminal law should reflect the rights and capacity of persons under 18 years of age to make decisions about engaging in consensual sexual conduct and their right to be heard in matters concerning them."

Closer to home, several Canadian voices have become louder in their appeals to stop using the term “pedophile” and instead refer to the sanitized “Minor Attracted Person” or MAP. For example, a Canadian navy officer, Master Seaman Jessica Silva took to social media on June 27 to validate pedophilia. From her post:

“Pride is for everyone and every sexuality is valid and every experience is valid. MAP rights are human rights and MAP is a legitimate part of the queer community and culture.”

“People can’t choose who they are attracted to and if the adult approaches the child and the child says yes then they are both consenting.”

In 2013, the Toronto Star even published a story that was very sympathetic to pedophiles, pushing the idea that sexual attraction to children is not a sick perversion born out of a lifetime of escalating pornography addiction, but rather a natural “sexual orientation” people are born with that can’t be helped or changed, and which deserves sympathy. The article even refers to “the virtuous pedophile” and criticizes Canadian sex offender registry laws.

Once again, pedophilia is currently illegal and almost universally despised.

But that may not always be the case.

We know that Hollywood, academia, and many media outlets are trying to normalize sex between adults and children. Remember Netflix’s disgusting “Cuties” film, which depicted 11-year old girls sexually, and was hailed by the media as an “empowering” film?

Might the power of these institutions succeed one day in the future?

It’s not beyond the pale. After all, homosexuality was once illegal and reviled by society, and now it is legal and celebrated.

I submit that Mike Del Grande’s slippery slope amendment was a perfectly reasonable debating technique at the Board room table. It uses logical reasoning to attempt to sway his trustee colleagues to vote against an anti-Catholic motion, and there was nothing wrong with it.

The OCT judicial panel must reject the LGBT lobby’s scare-mongering narrative and acquit Mr. Del Grande. There are at least three more hearing dates with July 19th being the next

Campaign Life Coalition has been crowdfunding to help Mike cover his growing legal defense bills. Will you stand with Mike too, for the sake of truth, justice and our innocent children? Please donate to our LifeFunder campaign with the most generous donation you can, by clicking here.

Mike must not lose this case, or his other lawsuit in the real courts against the TCDSB. A loss would set a dangerous precedent to allow other school trustees to be cancelled for daring to criticize transgender indoctrination and sexualization of children.

Please also pray for Mike and his family through this ordeal.

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