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Defend Monique LaGrange

Trustee Monique LaGrange, a courageous trustee with Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools (RDCRS) is being punished for her Instagram post of August 30th.

In the post, she drew a comparison between the brainwashing tactics of the Nazi propaganda apparatus, and that of the LGBT ideology machine which currently dominates the minds and souls of school children.

I personally believe her comparison was accurate. Check out her post below.


In both cases, that apparatus was and is the government-run education system.

It's hard to deny that system is what both the Nazis and LGBT supremacists used to indoctrinate the next generation of citizens to fall in line with their beliefs. The classroom was the propaganda mechanism in both cases.

However, for her courageous truth-speak, Trustee Monique LaGrange is now being attacked by a number of organizations that are rife with pro-LGBTTIQ2S+ activists.


Ironically, these LGBT-pushing organizations are demonstrating exactly the kind of ruthless punishment of non-conformists that undergirds all totalitarian regimes throughout history.

LGBT enablers show their totalitarian fist

In retaliation for her very reasonable post expressing concern for impressionable children, Trustee LaGrange was expelled from her position as a director of the Alberta Catholic School Trustees' Association.

Then her fellow trustees on the RDCRS Board turned against her, passing a Motion urging Alberta's Minister of Education, the Hon. Demetrios Nicolaides, to remove her from the Board, even though she is a democratically-elected trustee.

Outrageously, the Minister subsequently told the media that the Board of Trustees has the "full authority" to un-elect a democratically-elected trustee!

Can you believe they're trying to undo the results of a democratic election?

Are we in Canada, or Communist China?

During a CBC interview, the president of the Alberta Teachers' Association (which has long promoted the LGBT indoctrination of children) Jason Schilling, labelled Trustee LaGrange's insightful post as "repugnant, vile (and) hate-filled".

Perhaps her post was too perceptive for Mr. Schillings' liking?

And, as reported by the CBC, Lenny Gallant, president of the militant LGBT-promoting Central Alberta Pride Society, made the following highly revealing comment about Trustee LaGrange's post:

"Whether that's what she meant by it or not, we take it as hate toward the (LGBT) community."

The message? If you have anything critical to say about LGBT ideology, you "hate" us, and we must destroy you.

How childish, and how dangerous, is such an attitude, which can justify any harsh and cruel action to crush those who will not obey the reigning ideology: the tyranny of LGBT.

Dangers of LGBT brainwashing

The iron fist of LGBT ideology has one goal: to seize school children and erase from their minds our human nature as sexual beings, male and female, which is the God-given gift by which life itself is transmitted.

This is precisely what brainwashing does.

And once the impressionable minds of these children have been turned into blank slates, LGBT propagandists will fill their young imaginations with transhumanist, anti-life, and anti-family messages, slogans, and practices that are destructive to the body, not just to the soul.

For example, the most authoritative study in the world on the health outcomes for post-operative transsexuals, conducted by the Swedish government, found that transgenders who underwent sex-change surgery experienced a 19.2 times higher rate of suicide. Clearly, "sex-change" made them more unhappy, not less so. What this means is that when the education system encourages kids to identify as transgender, it is actually inducing many of them to commit suicide later in life.

Also, in spite of massive AIDS and so-called "safe sex" education over the past decades, epidemiological data from Ontario shows that a whopping 62.7% of the new HIV infections in 2020 occurred amongst a demographic numbering less than 2% of the population, that is, men-who-have-sex-with-men. This has nothing to do with "homophobia" but with the fact that anal sex is the most efficient method of transmitting the HIV virus, bar none.

Trustee LaGrange honours God's creation, parents, and children

In response to the attacks against her, Trustee LaGrange clearly stated why she made the insightful post, saying that it "centered around indoctrination and how children are vulnerable to evil agendas (agendas coming from organizations like Planned Parenthood, the UN or SOGI 123) filtering through culture.

She also emphasized that her post was "about protecting our children and keeping parents as the primary educators."

Well said, Monique!

Help defend faithful Trustee Monique LaGrange

You can help defend Trustee LaGrange by contacting the Minister of Education himself, Demetrios Nicolaides, and urging him not to comply with the anti-democratic Motion of the RDCRS that would remove Trustee LaGrange.

Additionally, please contact the other trustees on the RDCRS and urge them to withdraw their Motion demanding that LaGrange be removed as a trustee with the approval of Alberta's Minister of Education.

TAKE ACTION: Phone and e-mail today!

Below is the contact information you'll need to make your voice heard to Alberta's Minister of Education, and to Monique LaGrange's fellow trustees on the Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools board.

I urge you to both send an email and leave a voice message, so as to double your influence.


Hon. Demetrios Nicolaides
[email protected]


Murray Hollman, Chair
[email protected]

Dorraine Lonsdale, Vice-Chair
[email protected]

Sharla Heistad
[email protected]

Cynthia Leyson
[email protected]

Mr. Kim Pasula
[email protected]

Anne Marie Watson
[email protected]

Defend Monique at Board Meetings

If you know any faithful Catholic parents in Red Deer, please encourage them to delegate at the next board meeting in defense of Trustee LaGrange.

For the greater glory of God

Even as we pursue justice regarding the persecution of faithful Catholic school trustee Monique LaGrange, we must also remember a command given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ:

"Love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, pray for those who abuse you."
- Luke 6:27-28

All of us have a duty to pray for the repentance and conversion of those who have allowed LGBT brainwashing to overcome their fidelity to God's law. Let us never forget to love the sinners, but hate the sin.