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Councillors May Ban Parental Rights Protests

What if I told you that holding a sign or attending a rally to oppose LGBT indoctrination in schools could soon become illegal throughout Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and all the smaller townships?

Let me give you the background...

Last Wednesday, about 2,000 parents, grandparents and concerned citizens from the Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge area gathered at Kitchener City Hall to peacefully protest classroom indoctrination in LGBT ideology and Gender Identity Theory during the #1MillionMarch4Children.

People carried signs against Gender Ideology, sexual grooming of children and the unwelcome incursion of LGBT activists into the private lives of parents and their kids.

Above: Kitchener City Hall parental rights protest

Well, on Wednesday September 27th, Waterloo Regional Councilors will vote on a proposed by-law that would prohibit any communication, word, sign or gesture on publicly-owned property that makes persons who identify as LGBT “feel harassed”, “offended” or "troubled".

If passed, this draft by-law will empower by-law officers to remove “offenders” from any municipal property, and potentially, to fine them $250.

In other words, if this passes, the #1MillionMarch4Children will never again be permitted to take place in the Regional Municipality of Waterloo, on the grounds that certain people may “feel” offended, based on their “gender identity”, “gender expression”, or “sexual orientation”.

Below is an excerpt from the report that Region staff have prepared for Councillors, explaining the key highlights of the bill.

The new “prohibited activity”, if passed, states as follows with the additional definitions:

communicating, causing or permitting communication, with any person in a way that causes the person, reasonably in all the circumstances, to feel harassed;” (emphasis added)

communicating” and “communication” includes but is not limited to words spokenwritten, or recorded electronically or electro-magnetically or otherwise as well as gesturessigns or other visible representations;”

“harassed” includes, but is not limited to:

(a) feeling tormented, troubled, worried, plagued or badgered; or

(b) experiencing objectionable or unwelcome conduct, comment, bullying, or actions that could reasonably cause offence or humiliation, including conduct, comment, bullying, or actions because of race, religious beliefs, colour, disability, age, ancestry, place of origin, marital status, source of income, family status, gendergender identitygender expressionsexual orientation;”

The report also says that the Region will approach each of the Cities and Towns to adopt the same policy into their by-law, which includes Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Elmira and other smaller towns.

I believe this will make the #1MillionMarchForChildren a prohibited activity that cannot be repeated in the future

Unconstitutional, Tyrannical and UnGodly

This proposed by-law is clearly unconstitutional based on the following sections of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms:

2a) freedom of conscience and religion
2b) freedom of expression
2c) freedom of peaceful assembly
2d) freedom of association

Read the Charter yourself, here.

You will not find in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms any sub-section that that gives transgender and homosexual activists the power to nullify our fundamental freedoms.

And yet, that’s what these power mad Regional Councilors - and the bureaucrats who really run the show - are preparing to do.

This is all the more ludicrous since they are trying to prohibit taxpayers from setting foot on taxpayer-owned public property. It’s your land! You have a constitutional right to protest there and to speak freely there, against any government policy that you wish to criticize.

If you're denied the right to protest government policy and threatened with quasi-criminal penalties for trying to do so, that is the definition of police state tyranny.

It's important to realize we've come to this dark place because God has been removed from public discourse. We must remind our politicians that God will not be mocked. In St. Paul's letter to the Romans (1:25), he explained the societal disorder of his time, saying it was: "because they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever!".

Muslim parents’ voices will be silenced, while claiming to protect Muslims

This proposed by-law began in 2021 with a presentation by a group called The Council of Muslim Women asking the Region to develop a plan to combat "Islamophobia" and "street-harassment".

So, like the clever Marxists that they are, it appears the Region’s staff and bureaucracy seized on this opportunity to make it about banning all criticism of “gender identity”, “gender expression” and “sexual orientation”.

Ironically, all the same Muslim mothers and fathers who attended the Million Person March For Children on September 20th, will have their freedom of expression and freedom of peaceful assembly stripped away by Regional Council, if this by-law passes.

Since the stated objective of the by-law is to pressure the City of Kitchener (and other municipalities) to adopt the policy, those loving Muslim moms and dads will never again be allowed to hold those signs at Kitchener City Hall.

Without the ability to publicly protest LGBT indoctrination in schools, it’ll be that much harder to protect their children from sexual brainwashing and gender ideology.

And this by-law is somehow protecting Muslims?

Give me a break!

This by-law is subjecting parents who are Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, etc. to government tyranny. It must be opposed, including by every Muslim family who supported the #1MillionMarch4Children.

Take Action: Contact the Regional Councilors and Chair

Below is contact info for the Chairperson and Councilors of Waterloo Region. Please email and phone them and ask them to VOTE NO on September 27th to the proposed “Amendment to Code of Use By-Law (13-050)”.

Tell them you believe that although it claims to prohibit harassing/discriminatory behavior on Regional premises, it will do the exact opposite. Instead, it will discriminate against people of faith and parents who just want to protect their children from sexualization.

Please phone and email all of them if you can take the time. Leave a voice message if you don’t get through to a live person.

Karen Redman
Regional Chair
Phone: 519-575-4585  Email: [email protected]

Doug Craig
Phone: 519-575-4404 ext. 3402  Email: [email protected]

Robert Deutschmann
Phone: 519-575-4404 ext. 3408  Email: [email protected]

Jim Erb
Phone: 519-575-4404 ext. 3411  Email: [email protected]

Sue Foxton
Phone: 519-575-4404 ext. 3407  Email: [email protected]

Michael Harris
Phone: 519-575-4404 ext. 3409  Email: [email protected]

Chantal Huinink
Phone: 226-749-4339   Email: [email protected]

Colleen James
Phone: 226-753-7234   Email: [email protected]

Jan Liggett
519-575-4404 ext. 3404  Email: [email protected]

Dorothy McCabe
Phone: 519-747-8700  Email: [email protected]

Joe Nowak
Phone: 519-575-4404 ext. 3405  Email: [email protected]

Natasha Salonen
Phone: 226-751-3775  Email: [email protected]

Sandy Shantz
Phone: 519-575-4404 ext. 3410  Email: [email protected]

Berry Vrbanovic
Phone: 519-575-4404 ext. 3403  Email: [email protected]

Kari Williams
Phone: 226-752-5243  Email: [email protected]

Pam Wolf
Phone: 519-575-4404 ext. 3413  Email: [email protected]

Delegate to & Attend the Regional Council Meeting

To multiply your impact, consider applying to make a presentation to the Region where you can tell Councillors why you oppose the by-law. You can delegate in person or via video link online.

In order to speak at the meeting, you will need to register as a delegation. Following the receipt of your registration, the Regional Clerk will send you a confirmation email with further meeting details.

Here is a link to the meeting Agenda.

You can also watch the entire meeting here, or in person at the Council Chambers, located at 150 Frederick St., 2nd level, Kitchener, ON.

Attending in person, in large numbers is recommended so that these Councillors will understand that you’ll remember how they voted, during the next municipal election.