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Tell Danielle Smith to legislate parental rights

In these crazy times that we live in, it's somewhat rare that I find myself agreeing with a politician.

I mean, I wish it wasn’t that way, but the majority of our elected officials have gone totally off the rails when it comes to life, family and freedom.

That’s why it's refreshing to say …

I agree whole heartedly with what Danielle Smith said recently about parental rights!

Alberta’s Premier was addressing supporters at the United Conservative Party of Alberta’s Annual General Meeting on November 4th.

The party faithful had just passed some incredible anti-euthanasia and pro-family policies, including an admirable resolution that would make it mandatory for teachers and schools to get written consent from parents before they start using the made-up “names and pronouns” of students who are confused about their sex.

This was a huge victory for the parental rights movement, and Premier Smith couldn’t ignore the elephant in the room – that the grassroots members of the UCP want their leader to stand up for parental rights.

Parents are the primary caregivers and educators,” she said to the crowd in attendance, a statement that drew enthusiastic applause.

“Regardless of how often the extreme left undermines the role of parents,” she continued, “I want you to know that parental rights and choice in your child's education is and will continue to be a fundamental core principle of this party and this government.”


Isn’t it encouraging to hear the leader of your province talk like that?

I think it is, but here’s the thing …

Talk is one thing, and now it’s time for her to take action.

Ask the Alberta Government to Legislate Parental Rights

Here’s a look at just a few of the slew of wonderful policies that UCP members passed at the party’s AGM, and which they desire to see turned into legislation:

# 8: Schools must obtain parental consent for children under 16 prior to changing their name or pronoun.

# 17: Enact a Bill of Parental Rights with respect to education & healthcare decisions for children.

# 20: Ban schools from providing access to materials of a sexual, racist or abusive nature (e.g. books, handouts, online material, live events)

#29: Ban biological males from becoming inmates at female prisons.*

*The fourth one doesn't have anything to do with schools, sure, but it does reinforce the clear opposition that Premier Smith's base has to Transgender Ideology.

There’s another thing to keep in mind, as well.

I realize the policies are non-binding on the Alberta government, but the grassroots members of the UCP have spoken, and now we have to pour on the pressure to ensure it translates to UCP legislation.

We need to leverage these parental rights policy wins now by using our Action Alert Email program to contact your local MLA and request their help to convince Premier Smith to introduce a parental bill of rights, like that which was just demanded by her party’s base.

You can choose from a number of pre-written emails to send, or you can use them as inspiration to craft your own.

We also have a pre-scripted message to help focus your thoughts if you choose to make a phone call.

The more points of contact you can have with your elected officials, the better, which is why we recommend sending an email and phoning – even if you’re only leaving a message, it helps.

This is the perfect opportunity to send a clear message to your elected official that parental rights matter, and that Albertans won’t stand for having children exposed to LGBT brainwashing in the classroom.

Provinces like New Brunswick and Saskatchewan have already passed laws to strengthen protections for parents as first educators, and it’s time for Alberta to step up.

Thank you for your support in this and God bless.