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Free contraceptives & abortifacients for all Canadians?

Have you heard about what’s happening with a new proposal by the NDP to have the federal government provide “free” contraceptives and abortifacients, fully funded by taxpayers? It’s a scheme that would lead to more abortions across the country.

The initiative is in the form of a Private Member’s Motion in Parliament, and these sorts of things usually don’t get a lot of media coverage.

In this case, the lack of attention is working against pro-lifers, because hardly anyone is talking about it, which means people aren’t mobilizing yet and sounding the alarm, but …

If this motion passes, and the federal government acts on it, more preborn babies are going to be killed.


Last November, notice was given in the House of Commons of MP Lindsay Mathyssen’s Private Member’s Motion, M-104. (She’s a member of the socialist-leaning, abortion-loving NDP, representing the federal riding of London—Fanshawe.)

Motion 104 says Ottawa should negotiate with the provinces to have the federal government cover the costs of all prescription birth control, like oral contraceptives, hormonal injections, copper IUDs, as well as medications for “medical abortions.”

Since the contraceptive mentality is one of the root causes of abortion, it goes without saying that this motion is evil and must be stopped.


Use our Action Alert Email program now to contact your local MP and tell them to vote against M-104 whenever the time comes in Parliament.

The Action Alert Email software has a number of pre-written emails you can send off right away, or you can edit them and throw in your own two cents.

We also have a pre-scripted phone message if you want to use the program to place a phone call to your MP as well, and need help coming up with something to say. Finally, our program allows you to post on X (formerly known as Twitter) to raise awareness about M-104 using the power of social media.

Motion 104 hasn’t been debated in the House of Commons yet, but you know that when it does, it’ll receive a warm welcome, especially when you look at who’s sitting in the Prime Minister’s Office.


We know there’s a way to stop M-104 in its tracks, because we saw something like this happen already in Ontario.

When the provincial NDP tried pulling this same stunt late last year, we let our supporters know about it, and they inundated the PC government with their objections to the “universal contraception” proposal.

The call-to-action worked and the push for “free” contraceptives was defeated.

We can do the same thing here, but we need MPs to be flooded with emails and phone calls from their constituents.

That’s why we need your support (and prayers) on this.

Click here and contact your MP right now and tell them to reject M-104.